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Sorry for the duplicate posts, but I wanted to mention that SZYM was up 6% on pretty reasonable volume Friday, and was up a further 6% after hours. I don't follow "Mad Money" but I was trying to source this move and found out that Friday night Jim Cramer covered spec stocks using SZYM as an example:

Analyzing a Speculative Stock

For "Speculation Friday," Cramer dove into the stock of Solazyme and offered viewers a look into the step-by-step process he uses to evaluate a speculative stock.

Step one, what does it do? Cramer said that Solazyme is developing an industrial biotech platform that uses algae to turn plants into specialty oils. The company has almost no sales and even fewer profits, but does have a ton of potential applications, including everything from personal care products to bio-fuel for aviation.

Step two, bloodlines. Cramer said Solazyme was founded in 2003 but only came public in 2011. It's cofounders include a science guy and a business guy, and its CFO is a finance guy, completing the needed trifecta. The IPO had great underwriters in Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Step three, potential upside. Solazyme has created a host of valuable partnerships, including with Bunge (BG), an agricultural giant, Chevron (CVX), makers of diesel fuel, the U.S. Navy, which needs bio-fuels, and Sephora, makers of skin care and cosmetics.

Step four, addressable market. Cramer said the market opportunities for Solazyme are gigantic, if the company can actually ramp up production of its technologies in any one of its many market opportunities. The company's first plant is expected to come online in mid-2013.

Step five, the risks. Cramer said the company has enough capital to fund itself, with $243 million in cash, a solid balance sheet and the ability to borrow more if it needs to. What about competition? Solazyme smarter partnered with just about everyone who would potentially want to compete with it. Cramer said once again that the only real risk is if the company can execute on its plans.

Step six, your personal risk tolerance. Cramer said with no real catalyst until 2013, the decision to own Solazyme should only be made if investors feel it fits their personal risk tolerances. But by using these six steps, he said investors can easily make a smart decision on this, or any other, speculative stock they come across.


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You are obviously married to SZYM. Cramer is not all-knowing since he is ignorant of the White House connection.

I have given up trusting Cramer. He usually jumps on stocks that have already move a bunch. Gee Whiz.

The reviews I've read of Cramer's Action Alert Plus were all negative. HIs return couldn't beat the unmanaged Whilshire Index. No so good. He never brags about the Action Alert Plus because frankly it sucks.

Still, good luck with the SZYM. It's oil might be competitive in 2525.
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No doubt that Cramer can move a stock. I am not sure why. His Action Alerts Plus service is expensive and over hyped by Cramer. He never talks about how it is performing bacause it isn't. His portfolio is mostly run of the mill large cap stocks waiting for a comeback.

Because Cramer's Action Alert Plus owns onw of his talking points is not reason to buy them. Wiht all the hype he shoud be beating the market. He can't beat the unmanaged wilshire index. Pretty poor.

Cramer is somewhat annoying to watch when he gets his arms flayling.
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Mcmaced: I respect your opinion... this is what makes the markets so great, and why we're both students of the market, I think. I didn't get the acronym right, but I meant to type YMMV, as in 'your mileage may vary' as far as my opinion goes.

I don't know about "married" to SZYM, but time will tell. I'm either Patient & Foolish, or just foolish, we shall see.

I don't have much regard for Cramer, either. To me personally, it's the antithesis of why I'm over here: I prefer ideas that I can hold for some time, rather than trying to be right from one week to the next. Trading is just too exhausting for me.


Solazyme Climbs on Defense Plans, Partners: San Francisco Mover
By Samantha Zee - Mar 12, 2012

Solazyme Inc. (SZYM), which makes oil products from genetically modified algae, rose on speculation its relationship with the U.S. Defense Department will grow even as some of its raw material costs rise.

Solazyme climbed 7.4 percent to $13.89 a share at 3:06 p.m. in New York. Earlier it increased 10 percent, the most intraday since Feb. 22, the day after releasing fourth-quarter earnings. The South San Francisco, California-based firm first sold stock to the public in May 2011 at $18 a share.

The Defense Department released a report last week that highlighted “a strong interest in securing non-petroleum sources of fuel.” In the second quarter, the department will present a draft policy on alternative fuels, with further briefings planned in the fourth quarter.

“Solazyme is already a partner with the Defense Department, and they delivered 100 percent of the volumes of fuel that’s part of their Green Strike Project,” Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates Inc. in Houston, said in an interview. “They delivered ahead of schedule, so the more resources committed to renewable fuel initiatives the better for the company.”

Solazyme has delivered about 108,000 gallons (409,000 liters) of renewable diesel and jet fuel to the Defense Department, Jonathan Wolfson, chief executive officer of Solazyme, said last month.
Limited Production

The company isn’t “in full scale commercial operation yet, they will be ramping up as the year progresses,” Molchanov said. “Production is very limited, these are demonstration scale shipments.”

Solazyme uses a technology to convert organic material such as algae, a plant-like organism, into biofuels and specialty chemicals. Molchanov has an outperform rating on the stock, meaning that he expects its return to exceed the average among its peers.

“Their scale up is on time and on target and we’ve seen something of a relief rally,” Molchanov said. “Investors who may not have been looking at the company are now taking a look at the stock.”

While the shares have climbed, one of the main ingredients for Solazyme’s primary feedstock may become more costly after drought in Brazil damaged sugar cane crops, trimming the harvest.

Sugar mills in Brazil’s Center South, the world’s largest producing region, will make less of the sweetener than expected after a drought in past months damaged cane crops, Paulo Roberto de Souza, chief executive officer of Copersucar, the country’s largest sugar-trading company, told reporters in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, today.

Solazyme’s “focus on commercialization will be in South America,” Molchanov said. “They are talking with Bunge Ltd. (BG) to build a bio-fuel facility adjacent to one of Bunge’s sugar mills in Brazil.”

To contact the reporter on this story: Samantha Zee in San Francisco at
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Good luck with SZYM. It has been a good week. Also, Congress is investigation algai oil, namely why the Navy is paying outrageous prices to do alternative energy investigation. Congressmen think they should build more ships with their limited resources.
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