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Did you know that when a Fool enters Premium territory, it's nearly impossible to get back to the general, "free" Fool community without starting over?

Of course you do, and I assume it is intentional. But man, it's sure frustrating, and while bookmarks and multiple open tabs can work as a work-around for this dilemma, it is an ugly "solve," akin to using Function keys when your mouse batteries die and there are no AAAs in the house. Drat!

I would use Premium services much more frequently if you would let me be free to leave at will, to come and go as I please. For now, it's much more convenient to skip the one-way streets to Premium altogether. I occasionally wonder what sights I'm missing on the Premium side of town. I've been there, but it's easier to live in FreeTown where I roam free. It might be nice to visit Premium though.

The 2-way streets are existing and a simple change of signs and traffic laws would easily solve this conundrum. I promise to wipe my feet before entering. Please consider setting us free.

! Return to FreeTown ! <----- {Click Here. Please come again!}

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The primary free section I use are the free boards. I’ve marked them as favorites, and I use this shortcut to get to all the boards I follow, both premium and free. Maybe it will help.
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Thanks, RH. My Favorite boards is my Control Central, every day. My question is much more basic ... and even dumber.

You have 14 tabs open (my "standard" browser setup.) You only want one for TMF. While at your Favorites list above, you mosey on over to, say, Rule Breakers. You finish up there, and want to go back to your Favorite Boards.

Either I'm blind (which is very possible!) or there is now way back! Go through Browser History? Who wants to go through that antique every time we could simply click a link or button? That's so 1990's.

Ok, now please make me feel even dumber. Show me that button "Return to FreeTown"? Seriously, I know it must be hiding somewhere, I just haven't found it yet.

To be clear, my point is this:
Once you are in any Premium service, you have the following choices:
• "Home" is Premium only content.
• "Favorites" is Premium only content.
• "My Services" are Premium only services.
• Even clicking the TMF Logo (which in most apps gets you to the Home page) leads one to a page that features only one lone link, in the form of a button. And what button is that, you ask? That's right, "Go to my premium services"

So, not only is Premium one-way streets only, there's a damned Roundabout (which I hate by the way, but I digress) with no outlet!

I'm doomed to remain in Premium forever! (and that, my friends, is why I mention that this conundrum might be intentional. No fools are Boss Fools, after all.)

It should be so simple ... < Argh! >

Dan, button hunter extraordinaire

Afterthought: Hey, maybe one of the TMF programmers is using us to try out a new game called "Escape from Premium." Aha! I bet that's it!

Afterthought 2: I would like to fly first class once in my life, but once you go Premium ... do they never let you out of the plane? Yikes!
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Hotel California?
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Okay, I see what you are getting at. We use our browsers so differently I would never run into that. I use multiple browser instances. The first one is always email. The second one is normally TMF, rooted at the page I linked. ALL my TMF access starts at that page, even though it only has the boards I use. When I read a board I usually right-click on it in the list and open in new tab. So I might have three or four tabs open to different boards. I close those tabs down when I'm done reading the board, except that I don't close down the first tab with the list of boards. I just refresh that one.

Which does you no good at all.

So here is what I suggest. The link I provided, which I repeat below, gets you access to the free side. So when you are in the paid side, and want to get back, simply open that link again, in the tab already in use for TMF. If that link isn't what you want, set up another one in your bookmarks.

(I use Firefox. I have a row of over two dozen icons on a toolbar just below the line with the URL. All my most used sites, plus places I just don't want to go digging for in the bookmark menu. If I worked your way I would simply click on the one that takes me to where I always start.)

(I also make liberal use of the right-click. When I right-click on the browser "take me to the previous page" left-pointing arrow I can go back five pages at a time, maybe more if I am deeper.)
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there is now way back!

Bookmarks are good at this sort of thing ...
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