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Sort of unrelated, although the reason for doing this is to avoid the details and pitfalls of payroll, especially certified construction type payroll.

Anyone use an external company via online service? i.e.
--your employees go online to complete timecard information...
--you and your coworkers go online to complete timecard info. with some national or local Payroll Service Provider...

Ease of use?
Convenience? (is it really worth the expense)

Again, I apologize if this is the wrong board. Feel free to tell me where to go... in Motley Fool land - LOL

Tye aka SM2K
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You might also want to try the self-employed board:

Rule Your Retirement Home Fool
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I don't know about their on-line products, but ADP and Paychex would be my first two recommendations.

They're big enough to invest in enough support to get things right. They may not be the cheapest services, but one payroll penalty from the IRS can cost you way more than their services.

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Intuit Online Payroll has this functionality. Should be easy for smaller businesses.

Noting your query re: the Construction industry... the main specialized bookkeeping issues are project work reporting and work in process books... not typically handled easily in basic bookkeeping software. Maybe MS Dynamics Solomon or AX should be on your list to eval?

Also, back to payroll focus, don't underestimate the need for coordinated HR in the construction business...

If your Construction industry business is growing beyond "smallest", you can check - a service-excellence firm who will undoubtedly make sure you have the right bookkeeping setup in addition to a smooth HR/Payroll experience.

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