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Hey Fools,

I am pretty much done reading the Gorilla Game. Thanks again to Mike Buckley for sending me a free copy of the book. Anybody that wants to send me free stuff, my address is....

Just kidding!

When I win my first few games, I will take Mike out to dinner. It's a small price to pay after I am a billionaire! : ))

Moore actually sent us a copy of his most recent book. I have not tracked it down yet. I think Tornado is next on my hit list however.

Anyway, in response to the FAQ and online resources, I have been plotting like a mad scientist to set up my preferences for online information. Here are a few links that I use that could be added to the FAQ.

Upside (the authors point to Upside as an invaluable resource)

Red Herring (their other major pick)


InformationWeek (some great links and in-depth stuff)


I also read the print copy of Red Herring. I have always liked their articles. However, I will probably also subscribe to Upside magazine. Two magazines is enough for me 'cause I read so much anyway (books). So, this gives me more than I can actually handle. I will probably rely on this board to get ideas and provide ideas to others in order to simplify the information gathering process as well.


John Del Vecchio
Investment Research Fool
The Motley Fool
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Thanks, John (TMF Fuz) for the web sites. Here are the ones you gave me:
Upside (the authors point to Upside as an invaluable resource)

Red Herring (their other major pick)


InformationWeek (some great links and in-depth stuff)

Here are the ones from the SI G&K Thread FAQ:
Sites of Interest: = Bloomberg.Com = CBS Matchwatch = C/NET = CNNFN = Ecompany = The Economist = Fortune = Information Week Online = New York Times = Raging Bull = Red Herring = Technology Investor = TechWeb: The IT Network = Upside Today: The Tech Insider = Wireless Development Network
Now for an even bigger list I went to the RB Seminar Grads Resources and Tools FAQ (compiled by Fenway78):


General ...

America Invest -
Ask Research -
Bloomberg - -
Business 2.0 -
Business Week Online -
CBS MarketWatch -
Clearstation -
CNNfn -
Company Sleuth -
Financial Web -
FinPortfolio - -
Fox Marketwire -
Hoovers Online - -
Individual Investor -
Internet Investor -
InternetNews -
Investor Guide -
Investor Web -
Investors Business Daily -
Morningstar -
MSN Investor -
Nightly Business Report -
PC Quote - -
Raging Bull -
RedHerring -
Reuters Moneynet -
S&P Personal Wealth -
Silicon Investor -
SmartMoney -
Stock Market Investing -
Stock Master -
The Lion -
The OnLine Investor -
The Standard -
Thomson Investor -
Wall Street Research Net -
Yahoo! Finance -
ZDNet Interactive Investor -

Includes industry info ...

American City Business Journal -
Corporate Information -
Dow Jones & Company –
Market Guide -
Powerize -
PRGGuide -
US Business Reporter -
VerticalNet (B2B) -


Biotech ...
BioSpace -
Genomics: A Global Resource -

Broadband ...
ATHM Other Broadband FAQ –
Cisco Board FAQ –
Converge! Network Digest -
DSL Reports -
JDSU Board FAQ –
Next Generation Networks -
Rat's Broadband Bandwagon FAQ -
Telecommunications-Online -

Computer Security ...
Computer and Internet Security -

Nanotechnology …
Foresight Institute -

Network Storage ...
Computer and Internet Security -

Other Science & Technology ...
Advanced Technology Program -
Bluetooth Technology -
Fuel Cells 2000 -
High Temperature Electronics Network (The) -
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investor (The) -
International Engineering Consortium (Electronics Industry) -
Mercury Technologies -
MIT's tech magazine -
Nature Magazine -
Next Step -
Scientific American Magazine -


Acronymns (and more) ...
Chatters Jargon -
GuruNet -
TMFKGOMalley's List -

Analyst Reports (many free) ...
Multex Investor -

Glossaries ...
Harvey's Finance Glossary -
Investor Words -
Yahoo! Financial Glossary -

Insider Trading ...

International ...
JP Morgan ADR Site -

Organinizing Bookmarks ...
Backflip -

PR News ...

Patent Information ...

Rating Service ...

Relative Strength Info (TMF2Putt) ...

Search Engines ... - -
Yahoo! -

Stock Exchanges ...
American Stock Exchange –
Nasdaq -
New York Stock Exchange –

Venture Capitalists (re: "smart backing) ...
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, & Byers -


Motley Fool UK - -
Mrs Cohen -
The Street -
Sharepages -
MoneyExtra -


The Trading Room -
Quicken Aust -
Australian Stock Exchange -
Australian Securities and Investment Commission -
Australian Financial Review -
Australian Financial Services -


Now my plan will be to link to this post in the FAQ, that way the FAQ post won't be too huge to handle.

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Nice list, I'll test drive some of the new (to me) names.

However, you left off a site that I consider a goldmine. Its Paul Johnson's (a Gorilla Author) This is a site he and another IB from CSFB use to supplement their teaching duties over at Columbia Univ. The letter(36 pages) to Buffet comparing Cisco and Coke is a classic. It was dated 2/97 and since then Cisco is up 800-1000%.

Paul's site partner Michael ? has a great series of PDFs on the Foundations of Strategy and Foundations of Finance.

WARNING: this site is not updated regularly and the reading is very deep.
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