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Oops. My sincere apologies as I wasn't intending to be derogatory.

You said nothing wrong . . . I just took it the wrong way.

Creationists believe God created the universe, so for them the reason the universe is the way it is is because God willed it. That is a faith-based reason. I'm asking whether creationist have also come up with a "rational" reason, one not based on faith.

I've heard Hugh Ross, old-earth creationist, give some possible reasons why God did things the way he did, but none ultimately can be considered THE reason, since God did not reveal it.

But getting back to your question, which I find interesting:

But aren't you curious why it was designed that way? If an intelligent God created the universe then there should be a reason why the universe is the way it is. To those who advocate the theistic anthropic universe model, that the universe was designed to be able to produce intelligent life, the reason is obvious. It is only by having a universe so large and old that the highly improbable events required to create life and evolve intelligence become probable.

Let me ask a few clarification questions. I don't know how to phrase such questions in a way that doesn't seem antagonistic, but here goes:

Did God then, knowing that he wasn't omnipotent enough to create everything in an instant, and wouldn't be around to tinker, but was just powerful enough to create the laws of physics and the raw material of the universe, knew ahead of time that he'd need to create a system that would expand long enough so that he'd have a running chance of seeing sentient creatures evolve by natural processes, in time before the universe expired?

Actually, I need more info on your "anthropic universe model" (if that is what you hold). What exactly did God do in relation to the universe we live in? Does God interact with his creation, and in what ways?

You seem to think that God wouldn't do things like tinker with the universe after the Big Bang . . . how do you know this?

To someone who advocates special creation, the issue is less clear. If one believes God routinely suspends the laws of nature to make improbable biological structures then there doesn't seem to be any need for so much time or space. Afterall, from what your young earth compadres say it seems that if God worked efficiently only a few thousand years and a star cluster or two would suffice. So why are there billions of years and star clusters? Obviously you can simply say "God works in mysterious ways" and that would be the end of it. But I was wondering if the scientific creationists had come up with other rationalizations.

I would not characterize God's activity in biology as "suspending the laws of nature". Why would he have to suspend anything in order to interact with it?

Why would God take time to create? The best partial guess that I've heard is that by doing so, he leaves behind evidences of his activity. And he leaves a chronology that can be discovered by humans, which can be seen to fit with what he's revealed in Genesis, confirming it's essential supernatural origin.


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