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24th meeting done, F-16 firing HARM's in Iraq, Yen above 140 to the $........
Brent (dated) today still below $12/barrel.......
really, folkes, there is TOO MUCH crude in this world.
Asian crisis ( or shall we say "meltdown" with Japan coMing in...?)is gonna stay with us for good 1-2 years before that mess is sorted think China looks pretty?......wait until they devaluate the currency and drop imports by 20-40%.
All factors still show negative for any substantial price incrrease for the crude and I am even not surprised if we see Brent dipping below $10 this year.
LPG ( for you gas lovers out there ) now leaving AG under $100/mton.......and the producers ( Kuwait, Iran,Saudi,AbuDhabi) can't still get rid of the stuff... if you want to make investment decisions based on a crude/gas price forecasts, don't count on any real (price)improvements for 1-2 years at least.
It's gonna be year 200x for we see anything happening.
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