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I’m ready to retire in the next 2 months, and am planning asset allocation now.
• 58-year old male
• No debt. House paid off
• Total assets = $1.2 Million (not including house)
• Planning for 32 more years life expectancy.
• Big expense for me will be health insurance
• I can start social security whenever it makes sense

I’m thinking allocation: Stocks = 50%, Bonds = 25%, Cash = 25%.

Stocks allocation is higher than usually suggested for retirees because I’m younger than most. I like having that much cash because I don't want to touch stocks for 5 years, and I’m aware that stock market can have some bad years when I won’t want to do a withdrawal.

This is decent?
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I see you posted this almost a year ago, so you're likely 'long gone'. But then again, maybe you're still lurking. Seems ok to me, though you are heavy cash @ 25%. I know this, since I had a financial analyst tell me I was too heavy cash @ 10%. You could put it in short term bonds & earn near 2%.

And I'm guessing health insurance is going to cost you 500 a month?? And you're going to have to bear that. Unless you have a spouse working, and she will pay??
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