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Real Estate Investors See Riches in a Tax Break Meant to Help the Poor

Land deals in eligible tracts from Bronx to Oakland jump 62%.

By Noah Buhayar and Caleb Melby, Bloomberg
January 15, 2019

Fervor about opportunity zones is heating up across the U.S. For a limited time, investors who develop real estate or fund businesses in these areas are able to defer capital gains on profits earned elsewhere and completely eliminate them on new investments in 8,700 low-income census tracts....

The incentives are so flexible they could be used for everything from affordable housing to solar farms....
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What REITs would be best positioned to profit from this "land rush"?

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Hi Wendy,

I am also looking for recommendations. If you get suggestions for investing in opportunity zones will you please post them.

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I would really like some suggestions in this space as well. I saw this piece on "O Funds" which I suspect will be popping up all over.

TMF just announced a new sister service " Millionaire Acres" which sounds interesting but is $5k a year! It is supposed to curate some of these opportunity zone offerings.

Anyone know of other reasonable options to get into this space? I particularly like the idea of taking some big capital gains I have been lucky to make in stocks and essentially erase the tax burden of those entirely.

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