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Well, the anticipated annual Oscar awards are now in. And what kind of national viewership did the prestigious anticipated event draw? the interest of keeping this post from being censored, let's just say the national viewership approximated pure dog crap.

Prior to last night's anticipated event, the worst ratings for the prestigious Oscars was last year's event, which drew an embarrassing 23 or so million viewers, a shadow of the typical 50 to 100 million Sunday evening viewers to see how their favorite movies are rewarded. But alas, this year's aren't down....they are depressed almost to the point of being ignored. According to Nielsen ratings, this year's Academy Awards viewership ratings dropped to 9.85 million. That's less than half of the Academy's worst performing year since it was founded in 1929!!

Now, the apologists for this catastrophe say ALL viewership is down, including the Golden Globes, Emmy's, Viewer's Choice, etc. But wait a minute....if AMC has closed or limited access to theaters, these 2020 movie releases would go direct to cable and streaming services, whose demand is way up. So don't believe for a minute these 2020 movies were not viewed...they were. What is being rejected by vote of those who control the nations viewership of hollywood productions is the radical leftist ideology is NOT what viewers are interested in watching. You'd think Hollywood would pick up on this que. But judging by these abysmal Nelson ratings, Hollywood has not been able to connect those dots. And it is doubtful this Hollywood mindset ever will. If so, maybe the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be able to get next year's viewership down to 5 Million, drawing sponsors from such prestigious advertisers as'Roach Arrestors', newborn life insurance and personal injury attorneys. How fitting!

Gotta love it!

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I started watching, but the scratch DJ record thing puts my teeth on edge.
Also I was sure that the fix was in. But to my surprise this morning, Anthony Hopkin won best actor. He seemed even more surprised from sheep pen in the Welsh hills. His performance in The Father, along with great editing made this nothing movie into a real gem. Frances Mcdormand meh.

Gonna watch all the foreign films this week. Hulu has got all but the winner as part of basic subscription. Subtitles... force me to pay attention
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There was quite the anti-cop sentiment presented.I wonder what the events security detail thought of all that.
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