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Image how annoyed the Texas Taliban must have been this weekend when over 100,000 people attended each of the three sessions of the Formula One Grand Prix of the Americas right on their doorstep. 20 mostly European drivers competed in the world's most advanced race cars. 140,000 attended the main race today. Parts of Texas are racing onto the future even as the Republican supermajority tries to drag the state backward.

The largest crowd of the year was noted by stunned British broadcasters in front of a worldwide television audience (82 countries). This can't help but be a big public relations positive for Austin, for Texas, and for the U.S. Drivers this year represent 14 countries at 22 races on four continents.

Covid rates in the state have been trending down for a while now. The most recent daily report was 1211 new confirmed cases statewide (for perspective, there are 798 hospitals in the state). The average daily cases per 100k has declined from 67 in August to 16 now. This whole college football season has featured packed football stadiums.
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It worked out for everybody.

Arrogant, greedy Liberals who don't want to pay taxes, moved to Texas and are doing well.

Texas as a whole - thanks to not being arrogant Liberals- is benefiting too.

But - I love how in tribal America, a show of prosperity and vibrancy is turned into tribalism.

That is the stuff that will make "certain things" a normal, severe part of American life.

America, a first world nation....

(Just tell the tourists, not to go to Benton Harbor Michigan without bottled water, and tell them to avoid most Democrat controlled cities - they are prone to being shot at there.....)

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