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Bragging, Pontificating-vs- Sharing a piece of what we know

Hi Buds and Buddettes,

I still love reading my METAR Board even if some of the threads degenerate into ………. Well, I don’t really know sometimes what they turn into. They are funny though and sometimes kinda sad………

Haven’t done anything remarkable enough to brag about……..
Don’t know enough to pontificate on anything except maybe how not to make the same mistake twice………….. maybe…………

Most METARITES do know how to share though. I love that. I always figure I can take away the good and leave the rest behind.
Need to have a moment of Catharsis. Badly………. No really……….. Very Badly; I need to do this.

Got a phone call from my Boy today. Thank goodness. After reading this Headline I sure needed to hear his voice.

3 Americans killed in Afghanistan insider attack

This is where my Son just took over command of his Company. Thank goodness he was not at this meeting. He sure could have been. 3 brave men died trying to help train local military and police how to keep themselves and their fellow citizens safe. One of their own completely $%^%ed in the head “plants” decides to take matters into his own hands and murders 3 men, all who had families. Others were injured, but no details there. The perpetrator was dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

My son is heartbroken. These are the first men he has lost in any type of military action after 2 tours in Iraq and Afshitistan. As a Captain, he knew this was almost inevitable, but still…………….. His only other loss was a suicide which is no less tragic.

I know a little about what is important in life, even if I don’t know whether AAPL will hit $1000 or such by next year. So on occasion I share………………….. Take the good and leave the rest behind. Always good advice.

Right or wrong I have always looked at Grandparents and Grandkids as my “scope on life”. At one time I was the grandchild. Now I have grand children. I remember my Grandpa this way. He taught me how to fish. Oh it goes way beyond catching Speckled trout, Bass or Crappie. Way beyond gigging flounders or trolling for Spanish Mackerel. Those things were there, but what was going on in the background was so much more important.

I never knew how much my Grandpa helped build my self esteem. He was free from the responsibility of keeping me in line; even if on occasion that was a task he had to take on. Picture a 10 year old boy at a still pond with trees falling over at the water’s edge making the best of spots for bass and bream to hang out. White Egrets standing still among the lily pads and reeds frozen as if a statue. Hawks circling around the edge of the pond scoping out their next meal of the occasional bunny rabbit creeping up to the bank for a sip if they dare.
Grandpa had been fly fishing for some 50 years. It was as natural to him as scratching his stubby beard he refused to shave if he was going fishing. Yes, he would set aside his ritual of brush in a coffee cup with his shaving lather and straight razor cause it wasn’t lucky to go fishing if you were clean shaven. The man could make shaving an entertaining experience. Never got tired of watching him do that. Always accompanied by a wink and a smile if he knew I was sneaking a peek.

He taught me how to cast. How to play out the line with the whipsaw action in midair. How to gauge the distance to that 3 inch spot just off the end of that water soaked tree trunk that had at some point in time given in to the water’s pull. He was a master at it. Still, when he turned the fly rod over to me you would think he just won a prize. No matter how many overhanging trees we had to untangle. No matter how many lines we had to cut when snagged, he was aglow. The only time I heard an ill word from him was when the bass outsmarted him and managed to run into the weeds and get off the line. Then the old Cooter in him came out. “Son-of-a-bitch got the best of us that time huh Ace”. I liked it that he was the only one to call me Ace. He said I was the best he ever trained, but I think he was shooting me a line. He just loved his grandson and was glad to have that love returned. I was never apologetic that I was his favorite. Others had their favorites, and he was mine. He gave me confidence and a feeling of safety. I will never forget that.

I heard the sadness in my Boy’s voice today. It is the kind of sadness you are proud of and at the same moment have a hard time not crying right in your son’s ear. He lost fellow soldiers that he had eaten with only a few days before. He knew of their families and in some way he imagined the despair they must now be dealing with……………… Of such our lives should never know.

I felt helpless, but didn’t want my son to hear that in anything I said. I wanted to take him to that pond that my Grandpa made so special. Instead I listened and told him how sorry I was for all of his men and women under his command. I gave him his time and when he seemed to have spent all the energy he could telling me about things, I played the “do you remember” game with him. It was all I could offer. Did he remember the first time we jumped off the diving board together? Did he remember the Entertainment center he helped me build? Did he remember the first Black Diamond run that we took together and how he kicked my ass as we raced down to the lodge? How about his first scuba dive? After awhile he said he understood what I was doing and that he was okay. He has a wife and 3 children here in the States. My grandson and two granddaughters. Everyone should get to be the Grandfather, Father, Son and Grandson along the way. It is how life was meant to be.

I do know this……………………………

It aint how smart I am.
It aint how much I have accumulated.
It aint how many times I have been right in my life.

It’s how many times I have shared a wink, a smile and made someone else feel good about themselves all the while making them feel safe when I’m around. I will take those things anytime over being the smartest person in the room. Real or imagined.

Everyone play nice and keep all of our public servants in your thoughts and help them out when you can. Whether it is here or in a foreign land.

Wooly……………………. Who just needed some Catharsis………….
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