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Travel Centers of America (TA) reported today, you can find their numbers online pretty easily. I usually use the research tab on Etrade.

They do not pay a dividend

If interested in buying the stock/write the call for income...stock price is at 8.9. The december 2014 $10 strike price had a bid of 0.7. That should be an annualized yield of well over 10%.
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Hey BTC, do you have a system by which you search for yield based on these opportunities? I have struggled to find a way to systematically search for exactly the sort of information you just posted and the best I can seem to do is hunt and peck - mostly with my existing positions.

I also use Etrade.
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I have a free subscription with these folks. I list the companies that I have an interest in, and each day I get a large number of emails about these companies. Most of them I just delete. But if one catches my quarterly earnings report...I take a look at it.

As far as finding option premiums, that is strictly hunt and peck. I use etrade, bring up a company under the research tab, then hit the options tab, and see what the premiums are for various strike prices...and do a quick and dirty calculation to figure out annualized yield. Lots of times, I come up empty. But I don't have any spread sheet or subscription service that finds these yields for me.

About a month or two before the option expiration date, I take a look at it. Once in a while, I buy that option back, and sell another that is around 6 months out on the timeline. Sometimes its at the same strike price, sometimes its not.

I keep a paper planner, and write down dates that companies are due to report quarterly earnings.

Finding bonds...if I read some positive news about a company that's been hurting, I'll use Morningstar to see if there are corporate bonds for that company...just google company name or symbol with Morningstar and corporate bond. Then if there are some, I use etrade to see if there are some available to buy.

I'm retired, so finish later, we got fire call.
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I'm retired, so I can spend an hour or so in the morning looking at my portfolio. And for buy stock/write call positions, its not something I need to look at every day...just reserve some time on the third week end every month where I might have options expiring out of the money or the stock getting called.

For bonds, what I don't do is a yield hunt on etrade, especially today with lousy yields. I don't bring up all available bonds available on etrade and sort them by yield to maturity.
Instead I'll search for bonds by company.

Also on options, I keep it very simple. I just look at option premium price that I could get, compare it to price of stock, and see if the yield looks good.
I only sell covered call options. I don't buy or sell options by I don't think I need to get into the fancy words you see in option strategy books and charts.

Sorry its so lengthy, hopefully I provided you an answer.
Fire went well, was a veg fire, less than an acre.
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Thanks for the response.
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