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Keep it simple stupid.

I've noticed that people in all walks of life tend to overly complicate things that do not need to be complicated. I've been guilty of doing the same myself.

If a person has a strong desire to FIRE, then KISS.

According to the studies that are so frequently mentioned on these boards, you must save 25 times your annual expenses in order to be able to FIRE. That means if you spend $40,000 a year you will need to save a total of $1,000,000.

Now, if you have other sources of income, you may be able to save less. Let's say you own rental property and have an annual income of $10,000. Let's say you also have a pension from your old job that pays you $10,000 a year. That means that you already have $20,000 a year. You only need $20,000 more coming from your investments. That means, instead of having to save $1,000,000 you will only need a pot of money worth $500,000.

While you are on your way towards obtaining this goal, KISS.

Keep yourself healthy. No matter what some folks may say about the fact that we are all going to die, and no matter how you slice the pie, we are all going to die. Let's say health is a triangle. One side will be exercise, one side will be nutrition and one side will be genetics. We can not change what was given to us by our ancestors. We can change both exercise and diet.

It's frugally cheaper to buy apples than it is to buy twinkies. If I were to eat a twinkie or some chips, I get the urge to eat more. That's not good for the wallet or for the waistline.

Exercise is not hard to do. Find something that works for you. It may be as simple (remember KISS) as parking at the far edge of the parking lot versus parking as close as possible to the doors. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Forgoe that bottle of coke from the vending machine and walk the extra steps to the water fountain where you fill up your bottle.

If you want to get married, that's fine. Just KISS.

Same goes for if you want to have kids, KISS.

I have kids and I try to put them first. That by no means, means that they get everything that they ask for. We provide them with shelter, food (no twinkies) and activities. We expect a return from our investments which is that the kids will grow up to be productive citizens of the world. If that means they are productive because they figure out how to legally FIRE by age 25, more power to them.

If you want to invest in the stock market, KISS. Index funds are an easy way to go. Sure, you can do better by picking the right individual stocks, but you can also do a lot worse. Do you want to hear about my small investments with JDSU or INSP? I thought not.

I still have stocks and will always have some. However, I also have index funds. Just remember to KISS. If you will need the money in the next 5 years or so, don't buy stocks.

If you want to invest in real estate, would you be better off buying an investment $500,000 house to rent out or buying a $40,000 house to rent out? I'd be willing to bet that you would be better off buying the $40K house as there are probably more folks out there that can afford to rent this place then could afford to rent the $500,000 house. Plus, if the world goes into another great depression I'd rather be holding a $40,000 house and not a half a million dollar place.

Books from the library are free, books from the bookstore are not. Videos from the library are free, videos from Blockbusters are not.

You have to remember to Live Below Your Means. This means that you must spend less than you bring in. But, KISS. Do NOT forget about living!!

There is beauty wherever you go. Almost. Flowers are nice. So are tomatoe plants. Pets can be fun. Watching a 14 month old kid learn how to walk is a trip.

Take a look around you and see what you have. If you have a couple of thousand dollars laying around, take a trip to some 3rd world country. It may help give you a different perspective on life which may help in your quest to KISS which ultimately may help in your quest to FIRE.

MLB players are guilty of not KISS. Ballplayers are making millions of dollars a year to PLAY baseball. Oh, if only my job was so tough. And, believe it or not, they are talking about striking. What's wrong with this picture?

If you want to FIRE, then by all means go for it. Just don't forget about living while you are working towards your goal. And if you don't want to FIRE, why waste your time reading this board? Keep working until you are 75. I really don't care and neither do most of the others on this board.

What it all boils down to is trying to live healthy, be happy and amass at least 25 times your expenses. That's it. KISS.

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