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Sadly if the above is true, we'll lose many helpful, and the ability to help many others. So much for the 'Community' listed up top...

At one time Yahoo, aka, the Yahoo Zoo was useful, until the trolls ruined it, then some of us went to Raging Bull, now gone, Might be a way to set up a Facebook Group, safely, but many, many will never set foot in there...

Pretty crazy.. I'll still peek at the various stock boards, but I see a lot more lost than gained by the above..
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About 1/2 of the boards I follow are non-financial boards. I suppose I'll be spending less time on the Fool message boards. At some point, I may just leave entirely, although the Berkshire board is still likely to be worthwhile, and maybe a couple of others, if the contributors stick around. I wonder if the endgame is to get rid of the free boards entirely. That's all I come to for anymore, anyway.
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