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After this last set of updates the site was experiencing some bugs from remote clients that I could not track down. I wrote phpDebug to track them down. The regular error log was telling me where the bugs were but not how the code got there. With the help of phpDebug I tracked them down.

If there are any php coders here, you are welcome to download a copy. It's open source.

Class phpDebug v 1.0.0

Has this ever happened to you? A website that has been running spotlessly for years needs some maintenance work to bring the code up to date with new versions of the software or to add a feature and as a consequence a new bug shows up but one that is only triggered by a remote client. To complicate matters, the error log does not have enough information to let you reproduce the bug. What to do? Write some code to solve the problem! That's how Class phpDebug was born!

Denny Schlesinger
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Thank you, Denny!
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