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Hello everyone,

I called DFAS-CL yesterday regarding a savings bond allotment. I began the allotment last month using the EMSS, and the deduction was reflected effective my 3/1 retirement statement.

The CSR at DFAS told me 'they'--the bonds--went out late and gave me a phone number for the Treasury. I called the Treasury and I was told that my bond was sent out on 2/27.

Anyone else having a problem with nonreceipt of bonds? I asked my mail carrier about it and he said that he hadn't received his for this month either.
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I started a monthly savings bond program (Series EE) shortly before I retired in 1990. Since then, even with two moves and retirement, the bonds have faithly showed up in my mailbox every month. I haven't missed any. So...I've been pretty happy with the system.

As to your question - I received my February 2002 Bond two days ago (March 12th). The bonds usually show up just after the 10th of each month. You will always be one month behind. The following link may be of help:

Best regards,

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Thanks for the info. DFAS couldn't tell me when I would receive my bond--if they usually show up for you just after the 10th of the month then I should get mine this week. The CSR at the Treasury is sending me a nonreceipt form just in case I don't see the bond.

FWIW the Treasury phone number is (304) 480-6112.
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Now I get it, literally.

Keep in mind from where this is coming. When I was a PFC many years ago, I received savings bonds. There was some sort of quota in the battalion or brigade; anyway, everyone had a savings bond it seemed. Once the six month period was up, I would cash my bond. I never really paid attention from where they came. I was aware that one could have Finance at Benjamin Harrison (then) hold them for safekeeping--is that still possible or did that end some years ago?

I was still under the impression that the bonds came thru DFAS Cleveland since the main phone number for retiree pay is there at 1-800-321-1080. I received my bond a few days ago--and it was sent out thru DFAS Denver on 3/12.

I suppose if I was still in the service I would know all this. Hope this helps someone else.
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