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Is this a correction for the high flyers (Crowdstrike, DataDog, Square, Zoom, etc.) or a decline to reality?

I never got in heavily on them and have gotten out of most of them. Keeping a small position (<1%) mostly as a way to watch a few.

It just seems very similar to the late 90s where speculation boosted stocks with little to no earnings to high levels and the vast majority of them disappeared. Of course it is different this time :)

I see a few people getting scared, others using it as a way to buy low (they hope). I just recall friends in the 90s buying more as they dropped because they always rebounded, until they didn't and they lost some huge profits.

Will be interesting to watch. I tend to be underestimate how high things can go before they crash so I'm probably wrong here.

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Might be time to invest in SQQQ.

After a Real trend is established, of course.
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NH/NL for the day was negative. First time in awhile.
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Lots of "reasons" proposed, plenty make sense. Big money draining out of most things tech, because like in 2000 / 08 the Players have decided the game is up. Absolutely the definition of a "crowded trade" on the way out.

Big differences with 00 - these companies have great products with leading-edge cloud-based software that is becoming enterprise critical, and many of them are actually making money / profitable.

Like you, I'm watching from the sidelines after a 10% retreat from the recent top. Tough to pick a "bottom", but if they've decided the game is up for awhile we don't want to be stuck holding a bag with a hole in it.
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And I'm seeing a lot of the buying on the dips thinking the stocks will rebound and continual the (mostly) unjustified rise in price.

Generally you are best buying on the way up with these speculative stocks and getting out when they start dropping since their prices aren't close to being justified by their earnings. The exception are the quality stocks they often drop when the market itself tanks (the old throw the baby out with the bath water saying).

I just see a lot of what I say in the late 90s and watched as coworkers kept buying on the way down and ended up losing some huge profits they could have ran away with on the way up.

Anyhow I'm not involved with most of them so I can watch from a distance.

Anyone that has made 100%+ in the last year or two should consider themselves very fortunate and not get greedy but that rarely happens.
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