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Neither the press nor the pollsters saw this coming.

I'm not sure that I believe this. Donald, speaking in a manner that seemed very frank, started telling his supporters at various rallies that "we're going to win this..." a couple weeks before the election. I doubt that his, or the GOP's, pollsters are any better than those of the media, so I think that the pollsters knew what was going on. However, the synoptic major media, now dominated by the far left, collaborated with pollsters to skew the data to show it favoring Hillary, until it became clear that it was not working. In the last two weeks before the election, they progressively dialed down the skew, converging toward the truth, to preserve their credibility.

And this is not novel. The published polls did the same thing in the 1980 election, predicting a landslide for Bill Clinton over Ronald Reagan until two weeks before the election when they showed the race tightening -- and Ronald Wilson Reagan emerged as the winner.

BTW, during the 1980 campaign, the synoptic media consistently portrayed Ronald Reagan as an irrational demagogue who would cross other world powers and start World War III if elected as president. Sound familiar?

The people interviewed were some of the 100,000+ Democrats in Pennsylvania and the 60,000+ in Michigan who had changed parties before the primaries there, and had voted for Trump.

One needs to be cautious with such dynamics. This could have been an orchestrated attempt to sabotage the GOP by tipping its nomination a candidate whom the Democrat leadership perceived to be incapable of winning the general election.

But if so, it obviously backfired.

And unlike the characterizations which were coming from the lips of the party elites and the liberal press, they were not knuckle draggers, nor misogynists, nor racists. They were people who felt that the Democratic party had long before abandoned them, and had no party who even paid mild attention to them. Trump, who - what, 4 years before? - had been a Democrat, heard them and spoke to their concerns.

Yes -- once again, the so-called "Reagan Democrats" of the 1980 election. (Ronald Reagan, BTW, also was originally a Democrat who joined the GOP because the Democratic Party left him. And the "Great Communicator" also took his message directly to the people during the 1980 campaign.)

Having said that, there is one major difference in the situation. In the 1980 election, the only issue was the economy -- and most of the so-called "Reagan Democrats" went back to the Democratic Party after Reagan's tenure in office, when the economy had regained strength. This year, a stagnant economy is also a major factor -- but there is another reality: the Democratic Party is now backing a very radical environmental and social agenda with which union members, its traditional power base, not do not identify but actually find very harmful to their economic interests. The result is that many of the former party faithful who supported Trump this year might not return.

To which I would add, the elites of the Republican Party didn't get it either. The elites on both sides have spent far too much time listening to their own voices, and are out of touch almost completely with what the people outside the beltway think, fell, and want.

Unfortunately, this is far too true. The "Tea Party" contingent, however, gets it.

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