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The hubster's (very-) part-time aide bought our RV. She's an experienced RVer and replaced an even older RV with ours. I pretty much neglected it during the last few years while we weren't using it (bad alstro! DH always did the maintenance and I was too overwhelmed to learn how and handle anything extra above dealing with my 3 disabled relatives-). So she's doing deferred maintenance these days. When she's done, she wants to take us on a trip! I wonder if he'd remember how to fill the water tank, test and hook up to electricity, and dump the wastewater tanks, all of which he did with no help or even knowledge from me. Or how he'd feel as a passenger since he always drove. I guess we could make a short trip along the coast to one of my fave state parks. If it goes well we could take longer trips. She even offered to drive us to NY/MA to see the kids/grandkids in the RV! I'm excited about that as I miss RVing--and visiting, but trying not to get my hopes up. At this point, I'm mostly glad to get out from under the storage yard fee, etc, which always made me feel bad that I wasn't dealing sensibly--not to mention not facing up to never RVing again (that prevented me from making any serious efforts to sell...I kinda hoped one of the kids would want it as a freebie when we reached our late 70s and they reached their late 40s/early 50s). She says it runs great (she added premium gas to "clean the pipes") but needs new tires, a new water pump, and new solar batteries (the 2, 100kw panels on the roof kept the lights on, computers & phones charged, and fans running while boondocking). I feel bad about those pricy solar batteries, which were working 6 months ago. (She wanted to buy the RV 2 years ago, but we couldn't agree on price. She's paying more, but I threw in the storage fee, which I paid for the year ahead last spring. Also gave her much of the stuff on board, which I have no use for...Corelle dishes, nested cooking pots, collapsable colander, camping-related books, state & national park books, guide to US steep road grades...)

/streamofconsciousness ;-)
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1poorlady wanted an RV for years. Then one time we went to Yosemite, had a reservation at a hotel, and apparently they were so full they were using RVs at overflow rooms. That cured her of her desire to do an RV. She didn't mind most of it, but was horrified at how the "facilities" are handled (i.e. the toilet). She's not fond of airplane lavatories, and she regarded this as worse.

And we didn't even have to dump the waste tank. She realizes it was a comedy, but seeing the movie RV, and specifically the dumping of the waste tank, put the final nail in that coffin.

"I'll flush the line..."

So no RV in our future.
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As a typical backpacker in my 20s who aged into family tent camping in my 30s, I used to look down my nose at those spoiled elite RVers ;-)

Then while staying at a B&B where an elder hostel group was also staying, I befriended a couple over breakfast who had come in their RV. They gave me a tour and described the highlights & lowlights. I was pretty smitten. I started reading RVer blogs and got hooked. I thought it would be a great retirement hobby--I'd get to both travel and yet sleep in my own bed, do my own cooking (and the hubster grilling), no need to dress for breakfast (I never do if I can help it), and have a bathroom always at the ready(!). And the hubster would get to tinker & maintain equipment. We were happy campers. We mixed in a variety of activities on the road, not just hikes.
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