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I just read a message from someone upset about the lyrics to a Sheryl Crow song.

Now, I haven't yet had my coffee, so maybe my brain isn't working yet, but I'm not sure what that person found so offensive.

Do you think she (Crow) is accusing Jews of genocide?

Is "Children of Abraham" a reference to just Jews, or to both Jews and Arabs?

Here's a link to the message, which includes the song lyric in question:

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dont see anything offensive.
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interesting. she repeats the phrase 'Children of Abraham' several times in the song. she doesn't say Children of Moses or Children of Mohammed. Leaving it slightly ambigous like that allows it to be a broader statement.

so, that's one piece of exeggis in support of it referring to Jews and Arabs.

one other bit of lyric from the song:

Every man is his own prophet
Oh every prophet just a man
I say all the women stand up, say yes to themselves
Teach your children best you can

this lyric appears to me to be meant for Muslims. Interpreting poetry and lyrics is tricky, but the first two lines seem to imply that Mohammed was just a man, even if he was a prophet for all prophets are men, and similarly, all men have the potential of prophecy within them, and that implies that you should think for yourself and not blindly follow. find the prophet in yourself and remember that Mohammed was a human, not a God.

then it goes to address Muslim women, and perhaps by saying teach them the best you can she is asking Muslim women not to teach their children anger or hatred. That is not the best that can be taught.

And there are passages in the lyric that seem to be meant for Israeli ears.

So, I think it is aimed at both Arabs and Jews.

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Crow herself has posted a brief explanatory note about the song.

It's currently the 2nd item down in her blog here:

Note: If you're reading this after April 10, it's possible newer blog entries will push this one down, or off the page. Her blog entries aren't dated, but the one to which I'm referring has the title "Children of Abraham."
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