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While reading the book, I ran across something that caught my eye. On page 232 the fool ratio of AOL is listed as 0.29, great! However, later in the book (page 249) the flow ratio is mentioned showing "There are very few companies in the world that can boast a flow ratio as low as coke's. Microsoft, at 0.29, has the greatest foolish flow I've ever come across" (249).
This quote made me go back and read again. I had just read that AOL was at 0.29. Now, I realize that it is probably possible for a couple of companies to have the same flow, I am just curious as to why Microsoft was mentioned as having the best flow ratio when just a few pages earlier AOL was shown to have the same ratio? Any thoughts. Thanks in advance!
oh yea-- you can e me at with any reponses if you would like.
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