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I'm new to the gorilla game, having just read the book. But being in the tech industry, it certainly rings true.

Palm, the subject of today's duel, sure looks like a local gorilla candidate. It depends on whether you consider the PDA market in the bowling alley, or in a true tornado.

The problem with it is that it's easy to forsee the clash with other gorillas as the market expands. PDA's are destined to be linked with portable phones -- whether phones acquire pda functionality or pda's add phone functions, the result is the same.

Playing a gorilla game with Palm is also a bet on the results of the collision. I'm not so confident about their stake there -- Microsoft is still the million pound gorilla in O/S and it's not safe to bet against them, even if CE is still lame.

Does this look like the situation where it's best to hold all the colliding gorillas (and kings/princes in the phone world)?

In other words, hold Palm and MSFT and Nokia, etc. And wait to see who's winning when the collision starts shaking out?

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Regarding PDAs acquiring phone capability.
I noticed today (26 Sept) that Handspring Visor is advertising an add on module that turns a Visor PDA into a phone.
Service plans are still being determined, they say.
I am a visual kinda guy (aren't most guys?) After all, anyone hear of a text-to-voice version of Playboy--just for "reading it only for the articles"? It seems to me that in the convergence of internet data with telephone/voice the advantage goes to the system with the larger screen (i.e. PDAs have an advantage over cell phones here). And at risk of getting flamed, yeah I understand there are technical differences at the network levels for transmitting voice vice data to correct for latency, error correction, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.
And for those who need an even larger screen (laptop), and MOBILE wireless, there are some interesting things developing in the MCOM arena.
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