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Pandora's Promise is a new film documentary that recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It is reportedly quite pro-nuclear power in its presentation, which is rather surprising (at least to me).

Robert Stone, the film's creator, recently had a piece at Huffington Post explaining why nuclear power needs to be part of the plan to seriously address the issue of CO2 emissions.


One of the people appearing in the documentary is author Gwyneth Cravens. Cravens wrote the pro-nuclear energy book Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

Other people appearing the film are environmental writers Mark Lynas and Stewart Brand. I hope the documentary comes out on video soon.

- Pete
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Here is a review of the pro-nuclear power documentary at Slate.

Begins with:
A good, politically charged documentary often seizes on what the audience already believes and throws fuel on the fire (see, e.g., the work of Michael Moore). A better such documentary tries to convince its audience that what it takes for granted is flat-out wrong. Pandora’s Promise, which premiered at Sundance, does just that. It makes the utterly convincing case that anyone who considers themselves an environmentalist or takes climate change seriously should favor more nuclear power.

- Pete
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