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I have a pair of pants that has snap closures.
For lack of a better word, the snaps are loose.
So they fasten when i put them on, but they more click into place than SNAP firmly.

Is there anything I can do - gaskets, braces rubber bands, superglue, to make them get a better connection?
Everytime i sit down they come completely undone.
and the pants are not too tight, it is just the lack of a solid integrity snap.

I am not crafty enough to rip them out and redo them

they are more open like the ones on the left
and not closed like the ones on the right.

all suggestions appreciated.

peace & pantsless
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When I had snaps that wouldn't lock in place, I used to gently tap the protruding/post side with a hammer to flatten/widen it a bit so it was more snug in the hole.

Take it easy and try as you go so you don't get too heavy handed and flatten the post too much.


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I've done the same as Carol. Don't hit it too much, but a little tap on the snap will help tighten the grip.

Alternately, you could replace the snaps altogether.

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