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I have used Quicken to pay bills or many years. For the last month or so I have had my payments to my Chase credit card rejected. The error message says that Chase requires me to enter a one-time code. More than happy to do that if I was to receive a request for that code.

Should this code be coming from Quicken when I enter the payment? Or is something missing that should have Chase send me a request?

In the interim, I've had to go to the Chase account and enter payment info there. Works, but that's not achieving my goal of having only one portal -- Quicken.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
Who should I call? Quicken or Chase? Either way will result in a finger-pointing exercise until I can elevate the question to someones supervisor.

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It could be that they (Chase) or you have turned on 2 step verification where they (Chase) will send you a code via text or email that you then have to enter to access the account. I have that turned on with most of my accounts. It is a pain but worth it to me.

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I have the same to access many accounts, but that doesn't seem to be working with accounts I access through Quicken. According to a Q users forum, this happens to others, but some are reporting that they get the request for 'code' within Quicken. I don't get that.

Seems stupid that Chase would make customers jump through hoops to pay their bill -- to access info yes. You don't need a code to use the card at a merchant.

I'll keep plugging away. If the card didn't pay such high rewards I'd quit using it.

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Replying to my own post.

Called Chase and they gave me a long spiel about how Direct Connect was a separate entity and that Chase had no way to help me. Suggested that I should call them. The number they gave me was an international number that landed in Australia. Didn't do that.

Called Quicken and somehow I must qualify for premium support and they let me into the CS cue(sp). Finally got a tech support person who sounded Spanish, but very understandable. He understood my issue and did a deep dive. Came back with that this was a known issue that they are working on and that there was no sure remedy for now. His best guess was to refresh the account I wanted to pay before scheduling a bill payment. That sounded reasonable. I refreshed the Chase credit card account (just to test) and Quicken did come back asking me to respond to their text using the code in the text. So even though I had no bill to pay, I'll try the same procedure when I do need to make a payment.

Good to know that you can talk to Quicken if you really need to.
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