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There was some discussion at the MSN online banking board about PC Banker e-Statements, and some questions about the additional security question involved in accessing one's e-Statement (noting that some other OLBs don't require additional log-in information to access e-Statements).

Any thoughts here on the sujbect?
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I don't see the need for additional log-in. My local bank here in town has online statements, and you don't need to log in a second time to view the online statement.

Only you know the User ID and password for your account, and you have to enter those to view your account information. I can't imagine any reason that would make a second log-in necessary. Security? I don't think so - after all, you already entered your User ID and password, and as long as you don't sign in at a "public" computer and then walk away, then you don't have anything to worry about.

I feel it's an unnecessary step.
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The unnecessary steps does seem to be particular to PcBanker.
I wonder how many people actually log off of PcBanker afterwards?

PcBanker's site is the only site that I know of that will NOT log you off after you click "sign off". You still have to go through one more screen to click "sign off" or "cancel". Maybe when the site was designed, it sounded like a good plan as if PcBanker is asking you "are you sure you want to sign off?"

I can see this happening.
Someone logging on to PcBanker at their house, or at work exclusively, and has never logged off (as that people is the only person who has access to the PC.) One day the person happens to be on a public terminal, logs on to PcBanker, clicks "sign off" and walks away after the session is finished, not realizing there's another screen where "sign off" has to be clicked again. The next person who uses it, can click... "cancel" and that's the end of that account.

*haven't really used the statements (E-statements or otherwise.) If you're downloading to Quicken or M$'s Money, the balancing is basically done automatically. PcBanker did ask me the other day after I logged off if I used Quicken, or Money and which version of it. "Enhancement's" to it are coming I believe.

Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to their ACH? Did they drop the plan to use ACH on demand?

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