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Since MGI board was closed years ago, and it seems very few individual company boards get much activity now, I thought I'd post this here, since it's relatively busy.

And I know I should have posted something a few days ago, my apologies to anyone who might have taken advantage if I had.
MGI just reported good numbers. Is there more upside? I don't know. All my remaining shares have $3 calls written against them (for a very nice profit, unless shares go well below $3). All the shares that I had written the Nov $2 call options against got called early.

Take a look if interested. I won't be drinking beefeaters this winter. Maybe I'll even buy those gourmet olives.
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I'm too cheap to eat anything "gourmet" but Moneygram did have a good quarter.

Overall revenue was basically flat YoY, but money transfer revenue was up roughly 5%, so the core of the company's business is doing OK. MoneyGram handily beat Wall Street expectations -- something investors tend to get excited about.

Who would beware of short term market exuberance, however, and focus on the long term (3-5 years or longer) growth potential of the company...

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