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Personal Saving Rate (PSAVERT)

The overall trend is not good. It looks like there was a temporary boost in savings as a result of the economic downturn, but it looks like it is trending down again.

I believe that they calculate it as follows:

Savings Rate = (Income - Expenses) / (Income - Income Taxes)

"Personal saving is personal income less the sum of personal outlays and personal current taxes."

"Disposable personal income is personal income less personal current taxes. It is the income available to persons for spending or saving."

"Personal current taxes (3–1) is tax payments (net of refunds) by U.S. residents that are not chargeable to business expense. Personal taxes includes taxes on income, including realized net capital gains, and on personal property. Personal contributions for government social insurance is not included. Taxes paid by U.S. residents to foreign governments and taxes paid by foreigners to the U.S. Government are both included in current taxes and transfer payments to the rest of the world from government (net)."

I expect to have a 25% personal saving rate for 2012, which I guess is slightly above average. :-)
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