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We have an assortment of gold guru's in town and I doubt that the International Room at the Burswood has been coverted like this for some time.

Interesting discussions though on takeovers and company values being spoken about with a number of small to medium companies being held in high regard. Takeovers high on the seasonal menu which may make certain mining companys, that are not dotcoms, react like dotcoms!
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But no Diamond Joe, flew over to watch the footy & flew back before the conference
Takeovers, who's buying tiger funds 11% in Normandy?

The latest hedge fund to collapse still owns a large swag of Normandy (NDY) – I can only presume that the fund has been a forced seller these past few months. Normandy itself has just announced a radical restructuring aimed at simplifying its structure and raising liquidity for future investment in gold.

It must now be odds-on that this remaining stake will be sold en-bloc to a single highest bidder (Anglo American?) who will then get rid of Normandy's CEO, Robert Champion de Crespigny and seek to break up this highly complicated yet valuable company.

I don't expect much more than $1.50 per share over the next year or so which still represents a 60% gain from the current 90 cent share price.

From Egoli full link

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Me thinks that DC has a little bit up his sleeve on the voting side of the equation. Many have written him off before and have come up empty handed.

IMO the share price of 0.90 cents per share is based on annual gold production solely and does not take into consideration reserves and resources. The major investors know this.

Remember that DC has strong South African ties!


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