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First off, if you don't mind, could you give us a bit more personal data? When first diagnosed? Average Hba1c's? When was your first real complication? How tall are you?

The "male' part of M/F we've already figured out.

Secondly..... if your doc was talking solely about 'don't directly aggravate an open wound' I can understand; BUT, if his 'take it easy' was more general, he's dead wrong; not unusual, by the way, among docs who aren't specialists in either diabetes or obesity. I recently changed Primary Care Physicians to one who is more 'aggressive' myself.

AND....I admitted to myself, last year, when I was almost 370 lbs (I'm 5'10", 48 years old) that I obviously was not going to lose the weight myself...I would have, by now, I found a good, physician supervised weight loss program (took some investigation), and started losing. It HAS to include NOT JUST a specific diet; but real work with a nutritionist, and a doctor, over a period of months; as well as a good weight loss support group. (Ours is excellent; we actually rotate doing different things; about 80% of them involving movement themselves).
Now, I've been 'stuck' at around 260 for the past five months or so; but, the good news, I guess, is that for the first time, I am kinda maintaining a 'lower' weight, and not going straight back to gaining.

Oh, yeah....after having been on Amaryl(glimepiride) for 5 straight years, I've been off of it since I started the diet. My usual Hba1c on the medication was maybe 5.5%, I think; now, after over a year of NO diabetes medication, I'm usually getting around 4.9%. And my LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol has really plunged; with HDL going up some.

WHATEVER medication you're on, if you start aggressively doing the diet/exercise thing...and keep with almost certainly can reduce the medication by your own actions; trust me, God has not decreed--yet, anyway-- that you must take your current medications and dosages, unchanged, for life; you can improve. You can--and will--continue to get worse, if you do nothing (diabetes is a degenerative disease, after all); as well as postpone the time when you'll need insulin, which is very, very important. (Injected insulin is 'bad' for type two diabetics: when you start doing it, the added weight it helps put on, plus pushing you farther along the carbohydrate abuse cycle, speeds up the decline).

Each of us can only 'improve' so far with agressive diet, exercise, and behavioral improvement. For example, neither I, nor my doctors (both my PCP, as well as my separate, weight loss doctor), were sure I could wean myself 100% off diabetes meds totally by aggressive diet, exercise, support, and behavior training; if I had already 'deteriorated' beyond a certain point, I would have been able to reduce the dosage, but still need some of the meds. We know now, by hitting it aggresively, I was able to get off of it completely.

BUT...I will not be able to stay off the diabetes medication, and keep those good numbers, for the long-term, without seriosly losing more weight myself. My doctor won't be happy till I get below 180 (my high school graduation weight was 164). FAT TISSUE INCREASES INSULIN RESISTANCE-- which is what Type II diabetes is.

I also strongly second the recommendation on adding resistance exercises; e.g. weight training. It's basically mandatory for the over 50 Type II set, in terms of lean muscle mass and increasing insulin sensitivity and promoting long-term weight loss. "Push up the weights...roll back the years"..

It sounds like you are NOT being aggressive enough yet. Don't try to do it all by tomorrow; day after tomorrow would be fine (!!!). But also, get some help and support. You are treading a much thinner, sharper line than I am right now; you have much less room for error. YOU CAN SLOW YOUR DETERIORATION; no shit. You really can...and must....fight back; it IS worth it. You can reduce the meds..with doctor monitoring and quarterly Hba1c readings...with the aggressive diet and exerise you need.

Look, my wife and brother both have MS; I know a little about dealing with exerices where your legs are not working, er, 'perfectly'. There is STILL a TON of stuff you can....and You're not helpless! You can do it!!

It's up to you. Use us here, too; we want to help.

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