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Physician polls show that a majority oppose Obama and oppose Obama's policies. ... In the same poll, 70% of physician prescribe the opposite of Obamacare for health care reform. They state that REDUCING government would be the single best fix.

Yes, most docs oppose Obama and the PPACA - that point was never in contention in this thread. I think they're wrong and full of hyperbole. As an aside, a link to fax-based poll results where we can't see how the questions were worded and only 4% of docs responded...give me a break.

And government is not to blame for insurance company downcoding, preauthorizations that get denied after the fact, or the cherry-picking of relatively healthier patients.

They may understand economics better than you but not I. They know how to make money. That doesn't mean they understand economics. Warren Buffet is a prime example of this phenomenon.

The economics of a changing healthcare environment striving for getting more lives covered and with better outcomes, is what I was referring to.

Buffet carefully selects out value, and hoards cash to await distressed value, precisely what we wouldn't want in health care for our society.

They came to the table and presented proven ideas for reform and they were completely ignored.

The PPACA is precisely a proven conservative, market-based alternative to a public system created by the Heritage Foundation in the early '90s and, for example, implemented by Romney in Massachusetts.

You can "suspect" whatever you want and throw out bogus numbers all you want. But it doesn't change reality or supercede the views of experts.

So CBO and Republican Senator Orin Hatch are proffering bogus numbers. Got it.

And leaving tort reform out of "health care reform" is absolutely criminal and political malpractice.

There are reasonable studies showing that defensive medicine is not a large driver of rising health care costs, so it's not unreasonable for tort reform to not have been an initial area for a political fight.

This is the start of health care reform, not the end. The initial goals were more covered lives and reducing the federal debt, both of which are accomplished.

Seriously??? ALLLLLL doctors practice defensive medicine EVERY day.

Nope. I don't, never have, nor my associates, nor the docs on the MEC at two hospitals where we've discussed this very issue.

I'll admit I give wide latitude to ED docs because they often don't know the medical history of the patient and they work in an environment where the patient's condition can rapidly change before a better understanding of the underlying process can be made. But having said that, I think the good ones are doing what the situation calls for, and not necessarily defensive medicine.

If you don't order a certain test (relying on the history and exam) and there is a bad outcome (and there will be since mortality is 100%), you're screwed. You may be screwed anyway but perhaps a little less screwed.

I think that's hyperbole, and I don't feel that way. I've heard med mal defense attorneys uniformly say a clinically detailed, well-reasoned note far outweighs the lack of some follow-up test or scan. Indeed, the well-reasoned note addresses what you're not ordering and why.

I practice medicine. I've practiced medicine for almost two decades. Among all my colleagues, I practice less defensive medicine than average. So far, I have been fortunate to face fewer lawsuits than average. But I have learned to practice more defensive medicine in order to avoid medicolegal risk.

Yep, 19 years, no lawsuits. A few nonsense claims, but they went away quickly after discovery.

So, please quit spouting slurs about "marginal" doctors. It's beyond offensive.

I'm surprised at the incredulity. You should sit on Credentials Committees, Peer Review, or Performance Improvement Committees as I do and then see if there are or aren't marginal docs.
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