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why am i get all these piracy statements lately. i gets lots. in email and in mailbox. and they say small type of something about my privates. banks and credit cards and stuff. now they got pirates that do the writing and rules for banks and stuff? how that happen because i on vacation in houston? and how they have pirates on land? and why banks write about my privates?

what am country coming to?
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that am good questions.

i have a privates statement i toad to pushwari (down the hall). he said it am bad and he kicked me in the corn blinker and threatened to crush my marble bag.

i herd sum important man (hippie wif nader shirt) say it am time to ban all cell phones. this am impotent work he am doing. damn the cell phone three times (shake fist in air). i also want kids (distraction in car) banned. i also want africana-amercan banned from movies (talk during movie). i want no one to ban those water bottles from cars (dangerous to swig while driving). politishuns am better get busy on this impotent werk. ban big trucks from roads (cant see light change when in front of me). ban week coffee, bank lines, and make kathy lee gifford come back! lastly ban that injun guy from the milk drinkin contest (no fair do to his old ways tricks). also ban injun casinos and fat girls in lycra. and dogs over 50 pownds.

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I am too want bans. These am mine bans and my air fist three times and swear of damn. And I am sirius and so ther is a titel too.

by sng

1. all meetings. period.

2. any periods longer than two days.

3. making me pay for tampons.

4. any boys what am not flirting with me.

5. stoopid confirenses.

6. stoopid peeple.

7. my stoopid cat.

8. any tv unless they am nakid and humping.

9. all pirates statements unless they say "arrr."

10. guy who revved his explorer engine and shouted "yeah" with his fist in the air to show his support of the earth first protest.
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