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Yesterday, the Band of Pirates finished their run in the marching band competitions of the season. Scores are posted -- the pirates competed in Class IVA and took 4th place, along with something called the "Cadet Award" for being generally awesome. They had a good run and ended well, with a performance that was as good as I have seen of them, and it was nice to see them finish off their season so well.

Getting home from Allentown took more than three hours, after the awards and the pizza and the loading of the trucks and the changing of clothes. And so it was almost 11 before they even got to school, and then there was a lonnnnnnnng delay before the teacher dismissed them to us. We all went to bed sometime after midnight, which was 1am in our brains.

So today the kid is nonfunctional. I tried to get her up to go to school and succeeded only in creating a screaming fit. So... today is a day of rest and recovery, and we'll figure out the school related fallout the rest of the week.

Winter Guard starts a week from today. I'm not sure I can handle it. Lordy, I am so tired.

ThyPeace, didn't even do much, but some days just being DD's mom is a lot of work.
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