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I don't either but

"I have the same problem with the non-coverage about the Red Cross. "

Why? Don't you have enough worries in your life? DOn't you worry enough about the impending fiscal cliff?


PK227:"on Tv we see lines for food that will, obviously, take hours. "

So? Why aren't YOU there volunteering? MOst of the folks there are volunteers from around the country, giving up their Thanksgiving to feed those folks. ANd is not as if those folks are busy 10 hours a day cleaning up their property (Instead demanding others do it). Yeah, it might be hard on 80 year olds. Where are their kids and friends and relatives?

Now, how much did YOU volunteer? Did you travel to the NYC area on YOUR money to help out? DId you give up your holiday?

Didn't think so. Just a whiner


PK227:"Not one interview with the people standing on line."

Oh, they wait for the VOLUNTEERS to serve them food. Duh!.....

Yeah,sleeping in big tents with lots of others is not fun after a few days.

And rental housing is as scarce as hens teeth.....the vacancy rate before the hurricane was like 1%....and with 10,000 or more housing units destroyed, and 100,000 damaged....what did you expect?

Instant rebuilding?


PK227:" Not one word about why they haven't put up more food lines to prevent these kinds of outrageous waits,"

As if those folks are so busy goofing off and killing time?

Again, why aren't YOU volunteering, giving up your holiday, to work for the Red Cross? 99% of their people are volunteers. You did know that, right?

The money they solicit goes for supplies - food and medical and equipment.....


PK227:" yet every tv program has been begging for money for the Red Cross for "disasters LIKE this one"."

And just who did you think buys the food, has the euqipment to heat and serve the food, has the tables, tents, ways to haul the supplies to where it is needed?

Just how much a day to feed the folks,and house and feed the volunteers and the expenses - gas, propane, diesels for generators, trucks, transportation?


PK27:"Imagine an 80 year old being forced to stand on that line. "

Yes? One with no place to go and nothing else to do all day long. ANd who says the lines are hours long?


PK227:"If we had a Republican in the oval office, the 80 yr old woman's face would be on the front page of every paper around the world."


Like the terrorist islamo suicide bomber blowing herself up on an Israeli bus in downtown Tel Aviv because of 'inhumane conditions in Gaza' where they were launching rockets from her back yard and her son got killed in the process?

Gimme a break


PK227:" It's sickening."

Really?: What is sickening is folks complaining about voluntters working their butts off.


{L227" If our govt is stopping people from documenting the treatment they are receiving from our govt and govt endorsed groups, we're close to a very serious problem here in, what used to be, a pretty great country. "

Did you ever think the volunteers don't need 'welfare weenies' complaining and complaining about how they didn't get steak tonight, but get beef stew and chicken stew and vegetables out of can cooked in a 50 gallon pot? That they didn't get their Starbucks quality coffee but had to settle for 'just coffee' cooked in a 40 gal urn? Or they didn't get their fresh asparagus tips today?


Sorry, these are temporary camps with the idea of getting the folks out of them as soon as possible.

NOt luxury digs with 'servants' waiting on folks' hand and foot.

Maybe YOU should walk a few miles in the volunteers shoes.

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