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Play by play for my once-in-a-lifetime "Bail & Rebuild" plan.

Most all of my limit orders from last night hit this morning, 3/19/2020. All are up nicely today except SHOP, down 1.3%. (Ha! Like 1 day makes any difference in the midst of total chaos.)

Opened BRK.B with a 1.5% position May add
Opened COUP with a 2.1% position May add
Opened CRWD with a 3.2% position Plan to add
Opened GOOGL with a 2.0% position Plan to add + LTBH*
Opened OKTA with a 2.0% position May add
Opened RNG with a 1.1% position May add
Added AMZN from 0.9% ---> 6.9% LTBH*
Added AYX from 3.9% ---> 6.6% Plan to add lots
Added ENPH from 2.4% ---> 4.3% Plan to add
Added DDOG from 2.3% ---> 2.5% May add
Added NET from 0.8% ---> 1.5% Plan to add
Added SHOP from 1.4% ---> 4.0% LTBH*
Left ZM at 16.2% TBD

Positions 53.9%
Cash 46.1%

Still drooling over PAYC
Watched in surprise as MDB gained 15.6% without me. Wasn't expecting that one!


* straight from RaptorWiki,
LTBH Acronym - orig.: thought to be 18th century Olde English from TMF, meaning Long Term Buy & Hold :)
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Given another shot at cheap fenced goods I may join you with both SHOP and COUP.


All the Best,
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Today many of those didnt do so well. Just seems way too early searching for bargains when the current situation is likely to last months. Too many have gotten used to rapid recoveries of the last few tumbles and aren’t considering a long slow recovery.

Hopefully I will be wrong.
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You could be right, Rich, especially with some of the fast growers. Others, like AMZN, I like the idea of holding a long time.

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