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Hi, I'm a 50 year old female, just recently recovered from a two year long illness.  I would like to get comments on my resume.  I know there are some issues. I haven't worked since Nov. 2005, I'm 50 years old, I was promoted to manager then demoted, and my position was not one you've probably ever heard of before.  I will definitely be changing careers and would like some feedback on the resume.  I am also strongly considering starting my own business, partially because I'm afraid that no one will want to hire me.  Thanks in advance.
Summary of Qualifications
Highly organized and detail-oriented professional with extensive experience authorizing the dissemination of Caltech owned software from JPL. Worked closely with the IT community to identify and document software developed at JPL. Analyzed software applications for commercial potential. Managed software dissemination in collaboration with technologists and managers across the Engineering and Science Directorate. Established key relationships with the NASA Commercial Technology Program Office, and the Caltech Office of Technology Transfer. Functional manager and system administrator for the IBS New Technology Reporting system. Proven ability implementing operating improvements and developing and streamlining processes to increase operational effectiveness. Possess excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Professional Experience

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, California March 1981 – Present

Manager, Technology Transfer and Awards (additional duty) August 2002-October 2003
•    Supervised team of administrators to effectively process technology reports and awards relating to technology. This included handling of social security numbers, home addresses and other sensitive material.
•    Functional manager and system administrator for business system to support technology reporting and awards activity.
•    Developed metrics to show effectiveness of reporting and awards system.
•    Communicated with NASA Headquarters regarding Invention and Contribution Board awards administration.
•    Delivered 60 page requirements document for new online database system.

Software Technology Transfer Specialist July 1992 – November 2005

Promoted to evaluate and implement software commercialization for JPL
•    Extensively communicated with developers and conducted negotiations to assure software was properly licensed and future corporate interests are protected.
•    Developed new policies and procedures covering the Report New Technology, Software Dissemination, Laboratory Notebooks, and New Ventures processes.
•    Managed the external release of all JPL developed software; member of NASA Software Release Authority Team.
•    Dramatically expanded successful software technology transfer rates and discovered over 100 software programs annually.
•    Directed database administration and design for 6000-record database that tracks invention reports and handles web site interaction with technologists.
•    Discovered and evaluated JPL developed software, including applications used for JPL projects, for commercial potential.

IT Plan Analyst August 1984 – August 1991

Analyzed IT plans to ensure accuracy. Ensured required documents and price justifications of purchased computers were approved before government approval.
•    Streamlined processes and implemented efficiency improvements that reduced ADP plan turnaround time from six months to four days.
•    Prepared 300-page Annual IT plan outlining JPL’s computer and programmer/analyst resource uses and requirements.
•    Evaluated JPL project computer requirements for acquisition.

Contract Negotiator March 1981-August 1984
Procured off the shelf computer related commodities. Developed Request for Quotation packages to support acquisitions of large quantities of commodities.

University of Phoenix – Diamond Bar, CA 2002
MBA, Technology Management
California State University – Los Angeles, California 1979
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration

JPL Award for Excellence-Quality 1999
Technology Applications Program Honor Award 2000
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Welcome Jenschlickbernd.  We're glad you could join us.

I am not an IT professional.  So if others have additional comments, theirs might be more detailed.I like the basic style of your resume.  It looks very professional and presents your qualifications very well.I would add a position objective statement at the top.  That makes sure it gets in the right hands--even if opened by a low level clerical type who has no idea what IT is.You were a manager.  Are you looking for a management or executive position?  Any points that indicate your people skills?You have an MBA.  Have you had P/L responsibility?  (That can be worth lots of Hay points in many systems.)  Make sure to include that aspect if you have that experience.  What do you plan to do with your MBA?  Are you looking to climb the executive ladder?  CIO?  CTO?  How do you plan to get there?Your summary of qualifications is a bit dense.  It will probably only be read in detail after something else on the page catches attention and brings yours to the top of the pille.  A few points bullet style might be more effecitve, but is probably not necessary as you have done that very well with the rest of your resume.  Besides, many resumes are processed electronically.  That makes including lots of buzz words an asset.

Your one year of experience as Manager tends to work against you.  As you went through only one budget/raise cycle, it looks like it did not work out too well for you.  So better might be to leave the dates on your Jet Propulsion Lab line but remove all the others.  That keeps readers focused on your abilities rather that looking for gaps, and holes in your resume.Hope that gives you a few ideas.  You seem to be off to a good start.Good luck.
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