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It is pretty amazing the nonsense being spewed out there.  Technical Analysts saying we are due for a rebound as the market crashes 1000 points?  Heck if we fall another 6000 there may be no more room for them to be wrong.

Most of these amatuers have never run a business of their own....they have been employees their whole life and couldn't intelligently reconcile a balance sheet and income statement if it was presented to them by an accountant.....yet they have the gall to call a bottom?  Pretty incredible and a sign of the times.

Alstrynomics Techno Trance Analysis is still in its infancy but is well on its way to making two of the most amazing calls in the history of the market....within weeks of each other.   But due to the lack of long term prognostication and interpretation, application to real life behavior should be used with great hesitancy.

The spector vector was inverted by the reflector and now the accellerator injector is about to take this baby through any support floors.  However, you must never forget that a new reflector formation could develop reversing any high velocity spector run down.

Sometimes its hard not to laugh at some of the stuff blogged on Motley Fool......I know, Alstry will be nice.  I hope none of you are relying on this crap and investing real money based on it.  During times like this, the prudent investor is sitting on a pile of cash.  The bigger the better.

Do you seriously think a bunch of English Majors could really stand a chance against Alstry????  In the end the game is played on the field, the blogging is us trying to help each other get through it.  I have said my peace over and over and over again for the past year.  Hopefully, a few of you heeded my advice and went to cash.  If you shorted, you should be looking pretty good right now....but as I have warned in the past, shorting is a VERY HIGH RISK game and should be attempted by only those with a high risk tolerance and a strong understanding of the game.

At the beginning, I lost millions of dollars personally shorting.  Then  I finally learned.  IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS AND THE MARKET, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS EVEN PLAYING THE GAME.  It cost me millions to learn.  But now I think I have at least a fighting chance to make it all back and more.

My days on CAPS are numbered.  I did my best to warn you what was coming.  I was ridiculed by many of the TMF bloggers.  Hopefully, some of you learned a thing or two and are wiser for the time spent.  I know a bunch of you have taught me a lot.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be careful.  There are a lot of people on CAPS that get a lot of recommendations who really only lead you to erroneous and dangerous conclusions.   But that is a good lesson for the market because there are a lot of popular  stocks that are terrible businesses but the hype makes it easy to suck you in to play them.

I intentionally made Alstry ascerbic.  I didn't want him to be likable because I only wanted him to be judged on the objective accuracy of his blogging and CAPS picks.  It is the same way you should invest in a company.  Not on popularity but on objective business performance. 

My days are likely numbered on CAPS....let's hope your personal investment portfolio isn't!!!!!

PS:  Remember there were those saying Alstry was all hat and no cattle?????  Now let's take a look at those idiots standing naked in the ocean as the tide pulls out.  Remember, when you are sitting at the poker table and you are not sure who is the is time to get up and leave right away.

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