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On the Motley Fool Podcast pages, every podcast has a "Radio Stations Airing..." list in the sidebar with stations and air times. I'm pretty sure Motley Fool Money is the only one syndicated as a radio show, but all 5 podcasts have the same sidebar list indicating that it is their show that's on the radio.

For example, the Industry Focus show:


State - City Station Time (all times local)
Arizona – Phoenix KFNN-FM 99.3 Saturday, 9 am & 5 pm Sunday, 9 am
Arizona – Phoenix KFNN -AM 1510 Saturday, 9 am & 5 pm Sunday 9 pm

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My guess is that the stations decide when to air the shows and may not be sending TMF the information.

Who will mention this to the editors but doesn't know if there's anything that can be done to keep the schedule up-to-date...

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Thanks Mike! Believe me when I tell you that fixing that is very much on our To Do List. ;-)

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