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No. of Recommendations: 2
I value ATM rebates and would always send in the receipts
I value ATM rebates but would lose/forget to send some receipts
I don't care about ATM rebates and don't mind being charged
I don't care about rebates,I use an alternative method of getting cash

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No. of Recommendations: 0
The biggest problem I recall with everbank was their "TEASER" interest rates that only last a short while.

I would suspect Nexity is somewhere in/above everbank when it comes to the total package.

If I cared about ATM rebates, i SURE wouldnt want to have to send them in to get credit !
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No. of Recommendations: 1
The representative from Everbank stated that the rationale behind this policy is that "for those customers where the fee reimbursement is important they will take the time to send in the receipts. For those customers that don't care enough, they will be charged."

So, in effect, this bank is turning your ATM receipts into "Money off" coupons. Consumer Products companies have been using coupons to set different price points for products for a long time. This bank, like the consumer products companies, is counting on the inherent laziness of most people and foresees not having to pay out those $6/month to as many customers. A very interesting idea, first time I've seen it done in a banking situation.

hope this doesn't spoil the poll

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