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"'s more than just that Trump looks like a major underdog for the White House. It's that his numbers are now in an area where he could cost Republicans the Senate and a number of House seats." "The only thing worse than watching a political tsunami build is standing on the beach and knowing you are hopeless to stop it. That's where Republicans find themselves at the moment."

What do you think will happen on November 3rd?
A Blue Tsunami
A Blue Wave
We'll all be dead from Covid-19/Plague/other disease
Violence will prevent the election from happening
Men will be watching football and forget to vote

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There more and more discussions starting how Trump can actually win in a huge landslide.

By all means go ahead and get your hopes up like you did with Hillary, we will see in time.
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The ONLY thing Trump is interested in is being re-elected. Everything he does is to court his base, and create distractions from events that don't promote him favorably.

His talk about China and Covid is always to distract us from the U.S. and Covid.
The actual casualties and huge numbers will never matter to him.

He is not in the least interested in anything but money, golf and power.
He is ruining America, and never gives it a thought.
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