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I've had a few questions about dal. Is now a good time to buy or not. Its down but?


Any particular reason you are asking this question on the Rule Maker Companies board? Last time I checked, airline stocks don't really make any rules due to their high debt levels, relatively low margins, and the fact that they deal in a commodity business. You might have more luck posting a poll such as this over on the Delta Air Lines board.

On a completely different note, I hope you are not going to base your investment decision on the results of a message board poll. I'm sure that 99% of the respondents to the poll will do less than two seconds worth of research on the company before voting, so the results of the poll may be almost as accurate as flipping a coin. Take a look at their financial statements, read up on their business model, talk to some customers about how they treat their passengers ... those kind of things are a heck of lot more meaningful than a "Should I invest in company XXX right now?" poll. Besides, if everyone says go ahead and invest and the stock flops, the folks on this board aren't going to issue you a refund.

Just my two cents.

the LanceMan

.. who just so happens to work right across the street from Delta Air Lines HQ

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