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I saw this headline:

"US flu cases up 23 percent from 2020"

and thought I'd inquire--Did you, will you, won't you get a flu shot this year?
 50% (16 Votes)
I got my flu shot already.
 31% (10 Votes)
I plan to get my flu shot this month.
 3% (1 Vote)
Haven't decided.
 9% (3 Votes)
No, not this year.
 6% (2 Votes)
No, I never get flu shots.
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First question. What do the writers mean by “2020”? Is that late 2019 thru early 2020? Or a year later, late 2020 thru early 2021? Or is it simply calendar year 2020, which encompasses portions of two flu seasons?

Next, are they talking about the US or worldwide or something else?

Keep in mind that due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the masking and distancing precautions people were taking, the 2020/2021 flu season was almost non-existent in the US. we had something like 1/10th of the usual cases and only a handful of deaths. So any comparisons that include that flu season need to be read in that light.

My personal gut feeling is that the current flu season will again be much lighter than typical, even if it has 2 or 3 times the number of cases as last season.

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