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No. of Recommendations: 0
 23% (3 Votes)
No carbs for me! Atkins Rules!
 15% (2 Votes)
I greatly limit my carbs/almost no simple carbs.
 53% (7 Votes)
I watch my carbs some, try to eat more complex, less simple carbs
 7% (1 Vote)
I don't watch carbs particularly, just try to keep balanced.
 0% (0 Votes)
I have carbohydrates in my pants.
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No. of Recommendations: 1
Your first poll choice is fallacious, since the Atkins diet is not "no carbs" but is basically (in the initial stages) what you describe in your second poll option.

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i have some trouble with the concept of low carbing, because it seems that the alternatives are bad. High fat tends to make me fat. Low protein is correlated with longevity, implying high protein might not be. i must restrict simple carbs-- not much of a problem there, except for fresh fruit AKA natural vitamin/mineral supplements. But life on cheese & peanuts seems no better than [euphemism for considerably worse than] life on carb-laden beans and brown rice.

Damned if you do; damned if you don't. Sigh.

[Time to munch 3 carrots, greased with olive oil, soured with lemon juice, and sweetened with aspartame & raisins. Can i grab a very, VERY small handful of raisins? Can i avoid the bag o'peanuts?]

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