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No. of Recommendations: 4
I voted for SIRI.

IPod is Apple's baby, and it is going to get demolished in the coming years by services that don't cost $1 a song and great players that are lower cost and more standards-friendly than the IPod.

Of course, Sirius is in real danger of going out of business before it turns a profit. They have bet big on programming, but XM has the cool hardware and most of the automakers in their hip pocket.

So why did I vote for SIRI?

Well, I made the mistake of getting caught up in the Sirius hoopla and bought some, and now I am trying to unload it. Hopefully by winning this silly contest, it will get a one day bounce and hit my limit order.

Disclosure - Dr. Smith still owns some shares of SIRI and none of AAPL
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