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 10% (4 Votes)
Suck it up and stay at the current job
 85% (34 Votes)
Take the package; find slow track job
 2% (1 Vote)
Take the package; don't work at all
 2% (1 Vote)
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Let's say that you were on track to retire within the next three suddenly you get the opportunity to get a severance package which could bring you to ~ 70% of your goal nest egg

I don't think I'm reading this right. Are you saying that right now, with this hypothetical decision pending, the alleged individual is:

a. Less than 3 years from permanent, old-fashioned, zero-work retirement, AND
b. Said individual currently has less than 70% of desired nest egg?

That means that the individual in question is expecting to increase the nest egg by something like 70% over the next 3 years (if we assume that the person is currently sitting on, say, 60% of the desired nest egg). It's definitely do-able, but it suggests that either:

1. The nest egg needs are extraordinarily reasonable, or
2. The current level of income is extraordinarily high.

I voted to take the "bird in the hand" and go for the slow lane job. Especially if this person is only 48-50 years old. Lots of time to make more money.

Please clarify the given information, in case others are wondering.
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I agree Michael, I have just posted a similar comment to a later re-posting of this poll (I think 3 polls were posted, God knows why!)

The poll did not make sense on the numbers. Plus lets be honest here, we're on a board entitled " Moving out of the slow lane ". Do we really think the majority would not select ' Take a slow job ' !! Which kinda makes the poll redundant anyway, no?

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