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I wish the closing had been delayed a few weeks. With the final report on the recommendations for all the GG picks due out on May 10, they must be compiling them as I post. We will miss the teams analysis of many of the 1st quarter reports and CC's.

For one, I would have liked to see what Snakes take was on Yongyes receivables collections efforts. He always brought more insight to the reports than I was able to gather on my own. If not from him, also posters such as Kid added to my insight. Oh well, I guess I better get used to relying on my own analysis. Now, where did I put my magic eight ball?
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LeKitKat post on the YONG pub board so we are in good hands.
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The final report comes out in June. Our last issue is next week, but we'll be covering earnings on the boards until the site goes dark (and maybe after, but who'll know?).

Have no fear, you'll get my thoughts on YONG.
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