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I have a (non-Roth, employer sponsored, Vanguard mutual fund) 401k, a (self-directed) Roth IRA, and then also some after-tax, taxable investment accounts.

My 401k I just leave alone because there isn't much to do. The Roth IRA is where I do most of my individual stock transactions - very few trades per year.

I am starting to also to build up some after-tax long-term savings (you know, in case I want some money before I'm 60). I'm 35 now, so I still have a long time frame (10+ years) for that after-tax money, but I am thinking about tax consequences and what can be done.

Right now, I am paying almost $0 in federal taxes. I make under 6 figures, I have mortgage deductions, property tax deductions, 4 kids, and pretty healthy charitable contributions which basically reduce my taxable income to nil.

But eventually (like by the time I am 50-55), my mortgage is going to be nearly paid off, the kids will no longer be dependents, and presumably I'll be making more money. (and oh yeah, tax rates are likely to rise) - so I'll likely be at a 25%+ marginal tax rate by the time I'm 50.

Anyway, does anybody know an strategies that I should be using to take advantage of my current low tax rates? Like somehow taking profits more often...or focusing more on dividend paying stocks...anything?

Maybe there is nothing (I've tried to come up some scenarios, like selling my stocks and repurchasing them every year to capture the gains), but I thought I'd ask the Smart People to be sure.

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