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I've started to make some a list of how the screens that
we have presented fared in 2007- actually quite well.

For example, Knight's screen from post 244 is up about 70% YTD.
Several others are in that range.

Also, the post regarding buying XLU in the summer turned
out to be a pretty good one. (Lucky! ??) Post 245- a
buy when it's down and be satisfied with a quick gain approach.

Anyway, would you like to see a screen performance summary in
the next week to help in your 2008 trading strategy,
or wait until all the 2007 results are in
(probably the 2nd week of 2008)?

Let me know your preference- (that is if anyone is still out there following this board...)
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I'm still here...

I've just put a toe back in the water after sitting out the summer as per Sy Harding. I'm not sure I would do it again (too much pain on a big UP day, when you are out of the market...).

I would appreciate a performance summary. This year has been very volatile and it would be interesting to see how the screens performed from a volatility point of view as well as the current performance. Is this possible?

Will you get the summary from the Zacks' backtester, or do you monitor these screens?

Thanks for your ongoing work.

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I'm still here too, still running a real money port of one of your screens you suggested to me off line about 18 months ago. I just reported on it within the last week on MI. not doing great right now; I was down 6%, but in the last 2-3 days I'm now only down 3%.

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This is a repeat of the post on MI-


Saw my name in lights so I thought I'd follow up on your post.
Since I too have been using that screen for picks, I was surprised
to hear of your poor performance. My experience has been quite
to the positive.

The screen, as you described it, has done fairly well, with a
CAGR of 29 using Jamie's data.

So, I wonder if the PnF or your other selling rules, has caused you to sell in inopportune times?
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thanks for the followup.

I was out of the market from may to october, which didn't help.

If I had followed my Pnf sell rules (I didn't this time around...) then I would have stopped my losses earlier, but then I would not have regained as much. I am down 2.7% from October 2, but was down more than 6% in November. I am hoping to ride up until my quarterly rebalance in January.

nothing like being too busy to check you stocks to help you stick to the screen.

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<< "Anyway, would you like to see a screen performance summary in
the next week to help in your 2008 trading strategy,
or wait until all the 2007 results are in
(probably the 2nd week of 2008)?" >>

I'd prefer next week, if possible.

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I am still here as well.

tpoto- any summary would be appreciated. Either approach would serve the purposes for '08 in my opinion.

Lately I have been playing with some timing approaches and even entertaining a (free trial period) Technical Analysis newletter that watches market moves. Lately the guy has been pretty close, if you can weed through much of the garble TA-speak. This past summer he was not as helpful.

He is calling for a serious pullback in early '08. Time will tell.

My MI was probably at its peak last April-ish. I think +22%. Presently it is more like 10 to 11%. Some of my low cap SIPRO stocks really took a hit. I hope to change that this year. I would like to do some WWL with MI, but remain uncertain on what method to use to choose screens.

Other things (maybe OT):

-I am also holding some ETFs based on momentum. These were promising, and if I had gotten in early in '07 they would be the winners this year for sure. As it is, some of the those markets are due to give some of their gains back.

-AAII has published a couple of interesting screens lately that should be put through the Keelix backtester. They might be good for our purposes.

-FolioFN has changed their pricing structure, and if you do not already use them, you might want to take a look. Some of their "prepackaged" folios did pretty well in '07 and might spark some new ideas too.

-I am watching gold this year. The goldbugs are calling for a continued run. The dollar looks to make gold a nice place to be.

Of course this is all just the opinion of someone who may not beat the market this year! I could again be wrong in all of this.

Good luck to all in the coming year. I hope the coming holiday season finds you and yours joyful and well.

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I'm still here too. I check for new posts all the time. Unfortunately I haven't had much to add myself.

I've had a good 2007. The MI portion of my portfolio has done well, and my other strategies have complemented the screens handsomely.

I would love to see a summary of screens for 2008. Here are my screens which are divided among Zacks and VL:

"Super Combo" - 244/314b/263/325b/tp7/tp7rev126

Those screens were described in previous posts. The numbers are from posts off this board. I've tweaked a few but they are basically the same as in each post. That combo yields anywhere from 15-22 picks. I re-balance it monthly, but am running two separate start dates, two weeks apart, so I usually hold 24-28 picks at any one time.

"VL SOS approach"

MI194624/MI204968 - I run these monthly and blend the picks, which usually gives me 10-12 stocks. Is blend the right term? For instance if a pick appears in both screens I only buy one lot. I know these SOS screens are almost identical, but I happen to like the way these screens give me somewhat different stocks than my Zacks combo.

I look forward to seeing what we can come up with for 2008.

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As far as the non-mechanical side, I've been taking a macro approach with ETFs, specifically FXI, ILF, and IFN. I've been in those all year, and have bought on severe dips, which has worked very well this year. The other "macro" play has been DRYS, a zacks pick which I've held onto based on its fundamentals and as a pure play in the global buildout.

I've also had some success timing RUT dips trading TWM. This may seem silly, but I usually buy a chunk of it when I start to get that "this is getting ridiculous" feeling after several weeks of substantial overall returns on the long side. I've gone into TWM mainly as a partial hedge, but so far that gut feeling of frothiness in the market has served me well.

Last but not least, ISRG is my one holdover from my Motley Fool newsletter days. I keep up with this company and still believe it to be one of those "wish I bought it when" stocks. I've added to my position on dips, but at this point I may take some money off the table, as it is now more than 15% of my total portfolio, which is more than I'd like. I bought the stock a few years ago in the low 40's. Thanks to the Gardner brothers.

I've also been trying a timing/trading service which provides an overall market recommendation, along with two weekly stock trades (based purely on technical analysis). The picks have done very well during upswings in the market, but usually force me to exit them based on manual stops when the market tanks. Automatic stops (limit stop losses) are for the birds. The people at the exchanges will rape you for five bucks.
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I had what I consider an excellent year, now 2% from highs of over 30% ROI so far this year. I used SSIPRO, VL, and Zacks. I also bought gold/silver mining companies. I stopped using Zacks because it is difficult to use when I travel. Zacks provided most of my gain and it occurred in the period March to July. I was not mechanical and I sold before and during declines. It was a good strategy this year because the declines were large. I was able to reenter at a lower point in the market. I might return to Zacks in the Spring.
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Still here. I've always liked the screens you produce, but, of course, am too happy with my current mutual fund returns to make any changes.

Typical Libra...analysis paralysis..

keep posting tho'

MZ4 (aka catscanner)
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I've spent the entire weekend basically evaluating my screens. Based on long and short term backtesting, I've decided to make these changes:

Drop: 325b, tp7, tp7rev126

Add: tp425top3, tp418top3, mm48

So my new combo is 425/244/314b/418/263/48

This week's picks are:


I'm keeping that VL SOS combo the same (MI194624/MI204968). This week's picks are:


I've decided to pass on COKE (the chart looks terrible).

Between now and 2008 based on what people post here, all of the above is subject to change. But at this point those combinations are the best I can come up with...and many thanks again to those who discovered them.
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Either now or first week in Jan sounds good to me. I'm still reading this Board. Thanks for all your hard work.
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I am here, too!!!

I followed WIZ with my variation since March.

YTD since March: +24%

DIA since March: +12.4
SPY since March: +7.6%
QQQQ since March: +21

Happy to beat the market!!

Will continue this version in 2008.

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