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Abe was sent to Mar-a-Lago to meet with #45 in an effort to keep #45 out of Washington while s shixnit storm of Comey and Cohen passed through the media. I dunno what they were supposed to be talking about--North Korea maybe? Something important? What Abe got at least at the press conference was part sales pitch for Mar-a-Lago and part Word of the Day.

Abe spoke in Japanese through a translator and attempted to be deferential and polite. Occasionally he attempted to steer the press conference back to discussions. #45 was having none of it.

We talked North Korea. Covered that yesterday, a little bit today. We’re talking military and, of course, we’re talking trade. What we’re going to be doing now mostly is trade. As the Prime Minister knows, they’ve done very well with the United States. We have a very big deficit, and we’re going to weed that down and hopefully get a balance at some point in the not-too-distant future. But we have a massive deficit with Japan.

We talked about NK. That's it. The rest is the usual babble about the US's terrible deficits. I'm sure Abe was as sick of hearing about it as we are.

So I think we’re going to have a very — this is a very exciting meeting for me because I like this maybe the best. I love the world of finance and the world of economics, and probably, it’s where I do the best. But we will be able to work things out.

"I'm an excellent driver"

Is there anything #45 isn't the best at?

I’m very happy to have Larry Kudlow with us. He’s a special man. He’s been a friend. I’ve been on his show many, many times over the years. And we’ve had a lot of fun together. We haven’t always agreed, but I noticed lately Larry is agreeing more and more with me, which makes me quite happy. (Laughter.)

sigh... lots of fun many many times his show more and more. Kudlow is about as good an economic adviser as #45 is a president.

I’d like to just maybe conclude by saying that it’s an honor that you wanted to be at Mar-a-Lago. We have a lot of people that want to be here. It’s just a special place. And somehow it makes people feel good, and that’s good for a relationship.

Always selling -- all these assets should have been put at arm's length. Abe made an effort to agree Mar-a-Lago is so wonderful. He had a vested interest in keeping #45 in a good mood and on a roll.

“Reciprocal” is the world that I think we have to start using with a lot of nations, not only Japan. So when we say, “free,” that’s good. “Fair,” that’s good. But I like to say, “free, fair, and reciprocal.” And the word “reciprocal” is that when you have a car come in, we charge you a tax. When we have a car go through Japan, which aren’t allowed to go there, we have to take down the barriers and we have to pay the same tax.So free, fair, and reciprocal. And I think we’ve all agreed to that. And that’s just very important.

The word of the day was reciprocal. #45 loves reciprocal. It's a 4 syllable word and quite impressive. We have to keep hearing how magical it is every time he talks about trade. Use it 3 times and it's yours. And Abe had to sit through another simplistic rant about trade.

Bush 2 was hard to listen to but #45 is so much worse. Simplistic things are repeated over and over and over. He constantly finds things he never knew the rest of us take for granted and we have to marvel this new found wisdom. His inability to put well-reasoned coherent thoughts together is annoying and absolutely frightening at the same time. I can't listen to him anymore and don't. He makes me crazy I can imagine what he does to leaders like Trudeau, Abe, Macron, Merkel or may. They have to be wincing internally every time he speaks. I know i do.
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