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DW said she was getting warning lights & beeps on her 2010 Prius. 7K since the last oil change and the dipstick showed almost nothing! I looked all around and could find no evidence of where it might have gone either on the car or our garage floor.

Brought it in for service & they said it had only 1 quart in it (takes 4 to fill). They, too, looked all around for where it might have gone but didn't find any evidence either. I wonder where it went...

Oil change today & will begin checking each morning for several days to see what happens. After that, maybe I'll check weekly or so. Wish I had a clue as to why this is happening. Just cleared 107K on it.
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At the last oil change... are you sure they put 4QTs in, or did the mechanic stop after one because he got distracted? The reason I ask is because a few years ago the oil light came on in my daughter's Honda a few miles from Walmart where she had the service done. Turned out they never tightened the oil plug.

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Yes, techs at some shops are not necessarily well trained or experienced. Low pay can mean high turn over. Quality varies.

And yes, shorting you on oil purchased can be a factor.
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It should be said that oil does evaporate, especially at high temperatures.

All engines that use oil will have some expected rate of oil burn. The owner's manual on my new car specifies an oil change interval of 10,000 miles, but somewhere else specifies a normal burn rate of up to a quart per 1,000 miles. That's pretty high. The oil capacity with the pan, the sump tank, and the filter itself is supposed to be 6.76 quarts. So in theory, one could run out of oil completely prior to the recommended change interval.

Now, the actual oil burn will probably be a lot less than the quart per thousand miles. Remember, that's an "up to" figure, and should represent a worst case scenario that marks the "start crying" point. And I'll be changing the oil more often than the 10,000 mile requirement. But good practice would be to check your oil regularly.

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My comment is "late"? 😀

I, too, have a 2010 Prius, with disappearing oil. I can find no oil on the ground, where I park... Must be burning it? Today, I get about 500 miles per quart of oil.

This started when the car had 150k miles or so. I've had the car religiously serviced at the dealership from which I bought it new. Oil change is every 10k miles, per the service dept recommendation.

Eventually, I was told there is a faulty seal... Fix would $1000. (The car trade in value, condition "fair" is (kbb) $3500 ish. )

I'm NOT wanting to do business with Toyota.
I'm also trying to NOT cut my nose off to spite my face... So, I reserve the right to change my mind? LOLOL


Stop reading here!

***!** partial RANT. Writing this gets my BP up... Still, after a year or so. Toyota in Round Rock lost my business over this.
Oil was changed (say 150k miles), drove car next 5k service + 2k miles (so at 157k miles) and the master warning "triangle" light came on, then off. 7k miles since the oil change.

The master warning light triangle came on, then off several times. I took the car to the service dept, (RANT RANT RANT RANT... 1000X... RANT RANT). Not only was he no help, I felt he went out of his way to be a "no help" kinda experience. He was also NOT the service representative to whom I usually spoke.

After goading, he pulled out a handheld diagnostic gadget, plugged it in, told me it showed no information.

EVENTUALLY, after driving the car for ??x?? miles, the "check engine oil" light flashed BRIEFLY!!! It would flash on then off so quickly, I couldn't read it! I had to drive in a deserted parking lot, SWERVING STRONGLY!! with my eyes on the display.
Once I checked the oil, my hair stood up! NOTHING on the dip stick. 1 quart added... NOTHING! 2... NOTHING...
I had to put 4.5 quarts of oil in it.

RANT- if it was a low oil sensor, why didn't the check oil message STAY ON THE DISPLAY? RANT RANT RANT. Well done, Toyota!

At the next service, they "checked" and told me some seal was leaking, and would require a $1000 repair. (I think it's an internal seal?)

Another 5k service or two later, low oil AGAIN! Skip a service, and AGAIN!

RANT RANT RANT... I refuse to relive the rant!
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I had a Chevy lumina from the early 90's that did not burn that much oil. You could see a haze in the exhaust and smell the typical burning oil smell. I learned to check the oil at every gas fill up. I had a multiple quarts in the trunk to top off the oil level when needed.

I am surprised you were unable to smell or see that much oil being burned.

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The tailpipe has a BLACK soot. Very silky feel, too.

I've never smelled burning oil, or even hot oil. Nor have I seen/noticed smoke or a haze. I had thought about getting a friend to drive it while I followed behind, but that idea drifted away.

And, I keep a couple quarts of oil in the car.

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